A happy ending for katy perry

A happy ending for katy perry

Katy perry spurte a little time pressure. "A lot of things are at a standstill, quite a few musicians are completely refraining from releasing new songs right now. But I’m going on the offensive and I already feel like a working mom," says the 35-year-old U.S. Pop singer in an interview with the german press agency via zoom app from her home in los angeles.

With the new album "smile" and its date 28. August, perry was in a kind of race with herself: her daughter with hollywood actor orlando bloom (43) was supposed to see the light of day at about the same time. The baby was finally a little faster – the birth also stands for a happy ending.

The day before the "smile" release, perry and bloom happily told the world: "we are soaring with love and the miracle of our daughter’s safe and healthy arrival." The one gets the name daisy dove bloom, as the unicef ambassadors shared on thursday on the instagram account of the children’s aid organization.

The parents published a black and white photo of their hands holding a baby hand. The picture of a daisy (the baby’s name) adorns one of the mother’s fingernails. Perhaps perry already gave a hint to the name in may, when she published a song – with the title "daisies". In the accompanying video, the pregnant perry was seen in a dark, white dress that accentuated her baby bump in the wind.

Since 2011, the musician has been one of the highest earners in pop according to "forbes" – with her own model line, label and a place on the "american idol" jury. It’s been ten years since perry released her second studio album, "teenage dream," for which she staged herself as a cartoon-like apparition bedded on a cloud of cotton candy. With hits like "california gurls" or "firework" she hit the nerve of the time and rose to pop superstardom. Distilling five number one singles from one album is something only michael jackson managed to do with "bad" from 1987.

Since then, the artist born katheryn elizabeth hudson in santa barbara, california, has experienced many highs and lows in the music business as well as in her private life – and both have often been mixed in her work. There was her brief marriage to british comedian russell brand, who broke up with the professionally ambitious singer via text message. Perry dealt with the aftermath in 2013 in the ballad "by the grace of god" from her album "prism.

Her halftime show at the "super bowl" in 2015, where she entered the stadium on the back of a golden lowen to "roar", was a triumph. On the occasion of the release of her last album "witness", perry could be seen in a big-brother-like livestream for an entire weekend: she appeared psychologically distressed, distanced herself from the art figure she created, katy perry, and cried as she wished for a husband and child by her side.

Three years later, she has both – and a new album. On the cover-artwork of "smile" you can see perry as a sad clown. "The clown is a metaphor. This is what someone who has lost his smile looks like," says perry. "Smile" is not a call to always be happy. "That would be cynical, too, when so many people are going through a dark time right now."

Two and a half years ago, perry was hit by depression again. Her album "witness" was not received the way she had wished for. She was separated from bloom at the time. For the first time, perry had to learn that you can’t rely on your pop career either. Her new songs are a lot about tranes – and flowers! Served with happchen-taktik: five of the twelve songs have already appeared over the past 15 months distributed.

Including "daisies" – that’s why perry wore costumes with daisies decoration for weeks. "It’s my fiance’s favorite song," she says. In "resilient" she compares herself to a flower whose water has been poisoned. "I had to break free from the rat race of the music business and stop chasing the next hit."For "not the end of the world" she quotes the classic "na na hey hey kiss him goodbye".

There’s no doubt about it: katy perry has evolved as a person as well as an artist. Her songs are emotionally authentic – she’s made a fine summer album whose underlying crisis doesn’t poison the listening pleasure, but creates depth.

Perry describes the acoustic piece "what makes A woman", which is to show the way to the daughter, as a trend-setter. "We women are strong, resilient, adaptable, true chamaleons and so much more that one song is not enough for. My pregnancy has made me even more aware of that. It’s the last song of the record, but maybe the first moment of my new chapter."

In march, perry had aired the secret about her pregnancy. There have been rumors for a long time that the musician and her fiance are having a baby. Bloom has a nine-year-old boy from the marriage with top model miranda kerr. With perry he is together since 2016.

The news of daisy dove bloom’s birth was put in a broader context by the parents on thursday: "we know that we are the lucky ones and not everyone gets to have the experience of a birth that was as peaceful as ours."In many places, the health care system suffers from a shortage of staff, "and a pregnant woman or a newborn dies every eleven seconds – mostly for preventable reasons.". That’s why perry and bloom are asking for donations for better health care – and ended with an appeal that alludes to the names of their daughter and father: "we hope your hearts can bleed (in english: bloom) with ruthlessness."

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