A pioneer in upper franconia

A pioneer in Upper Franconia

Julian naumann, oskar kober and flynn weeber like to play assistants and hold up the sign with the yellow imprint: early education – equal opportunities high: this facility participates in the federal program ‘kitaplus’" is written on the shiny white sign that mayor hermann anselstetter, kindergarten director kerstin lobe and elisabeth weith from the awo want to screw on right next to the entrance door.
The three "lausbuben are pleased about the great upswing that prevails in the herbert kneitz day care center on this occasion. Rainer bluchel, who is responsible for daycare facilities at the district office in kulmbach, tanja zehe, deputy head of the kindergarten, and gottfried luthardt, the local chairman of the awo in wirsberg, and his deputy, also came. Everyone wants to be part of making the kindergarten fit for the future.
The kitaplus demand program is a demand of the federal government to further demand the compatibility of family and career. In concrete terms, this means that in the future, children will be able to attend kindergarten in wirsberg from 6 a.M. Until 6 p.M.30 o’clock. "We are the only childcare facility in the entire district of kulmbach that has been accepted into this program", widely declared.
This year, 45,000 euros have been earmarked for the extended hours, and another 50,000 euros have already been earmarked for next year. "We are able to extend our already long opening hours thanks to the demand program: up to now, we have looked after children from 6 to 6.30 a.M. To 4 p.M.30 o’clock, from 1. April the opening hours will be from 6 a.M. To 6 p.M.30 p.M.", explains kerstin lobe.
The wirsberg kindergarten sat down with the parents in advance, analyzed exactly what care times were needed and responded to their wishes. "We already have five children who will also be looked after in the early evening hours. We have further expressions of interest from november and from january. But this is just the beginning, the need is there", says lobe.
The wirsberg kindergarten not only receives a subsidy for the additional staff hours needed to provide care, but also for the interior of the building. Because when the children come to the facility so early in the morning, they should of course also have breakfast at a special counter – with a music dispenser and everything that a child’s heart desires. In addition, there will be a cuddle corner. Because the longer care also requires a somewhat different atmosphere. "At the moment, the children who stay late in the evening eat their evening meal brought from home, which is naturally cooled. But in the long term, the idea is to provide a dinner as well.", explains lobe.

"Future expansion

"This expansion of the offer is absolutely future-oriented and important for the compatibility of family and work. Today, employees are expected to be flexible, and with extended care, this flexibility is possible", anselstetter is pleased about the innovative childcare offer in wirsberg. The fact that the next facility required by the federal program is in nurnberg, making the wirsberg kindergarten a pioneer in upper franconia, makes the mayor particularly proud.
In fact, the daycare center is also a language daycare center, i.E. A facility that receives additional funding for communication requirements. And currently the facility is being rebuilt for 400 000 euro. The roof is taken off, a second after-school group (already fully booked) is to be created. In addition, a staff room, an office for the kindergarten director and a therapy room for the special needs of the children are to be built.
At present, 79 children between the ages of nine months and twelve years are cared for in wirsberg by twelve educators and childcare workers. The herbert kneitz daycare center also has a special language specialist on staff.

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