A sunny pleasure

A sunny pleasure

The weather was good, and so was the offer: "the response is good, the place is also very nice", says herbert grosch from the citroen car dealership grosch in coburg. He had set up his cars in the lower part of bahnhofstrabe, with a range that could not be missing from any of the seven exhibitors: practical cars, built a little higher, small suvs, vans for seven people. "People like it when they can get in more easily."

The autofruhling is not a place for unattainable car dreams. What was shown was what was also bought. Well, auto scholz had several powerful AMG variants from its range, but the cars are also available with smaller engines. Open cars at audi, fiat, mercedes and mazda were not missing. "Spring is convertible time", said richard eberhard from the car dealership merkur in lichtenfels. He has been with the company for over 25 years: "many things have changed, but the popularity of the customers has remained consistently good."

Diesels are still in demand, despite the current political debate: "we have only seen a slight drop in demand compared to the previous year", says horst karrasch from car dealer eberhardt in lichtenfels.

The classic sedan is now almost extinct. "Germany has become a "kombi-land, says volker amon from the car dealership amon in trieb.

There were no electric cars to be seen. The demand from visitors was also hardly measurable. But that could soon change, the suppliers agreed. The supply of affordable cars in this category is still very limited. At the charging station at the town hall, the well-known weekly market traders had then also found their place.

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