Ansbach: two groups attack each other with axes

Ansbach: two groups attack each other with axes

On saturday (6.1.2018) at about 00:25 am, the ansbach police department was alerted to a brawl with about 20 people involved in the area of maximilianstrabe.

All warnings disregarded: man in ansbach district steers car into the middle of floodwater

Several patrol cars of the inspection jerked on. On the spot only four damaged could be found. These were young men between the ages of 19 and 24. Apparently two groups of people had clashed. In some cases there was also a collective attack with branches and several people. The aste were torn from trees by the taters, sometimes also by the encountered damaged ones.

Voluntary breathalyzer tests of those present showed values between 0.78 and 1.4 per mille. Due to head splash wounds and swollen lips, outpatient treatment in hospital was partly necessary.

A manhunt for the fugitives yielded no results. Investigation procedures were initiated for dangerous bodily harm but also property damage to the trees. The property damage to the trees of the city of ansbach is initially estimated to be approx. 200.- euros.

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