Aschach: police action at the bookstore

Aschach: police action at the bookstore

The police jolted into action at the aschach bookstore. This time in a special mission: to read aloud. With lots of police (factual) stories on the subject table, the team at the aschach bookstore had prepared its little readers for a special reading session. 31 children between the ages of four and ten found their way to the bookstore.

They listened intently to the stories that police chief (PHM) jennifer heuss had brought with her: on the one hand, there was the story of a school robber who takes the break money from smaller schoolchildren. But two brave girls inform the parents and the police, respectively, and the boy is caught. In another story, three boys are unmasked who misused the emergency number 110.

Blue light on, and rehearsal sitting

After the stories, the children went out into the churchyard and took a close look at the police car. Everyone was allowed to take a test drive in the vehicle. Jennifer heuss turned on the blue light especially for the little listeners. The policewoman answered many questions about the car, the uniform and much more. But for the very small guests the bobby car in police design was the absolute highlight. At the end of the lesson, the children received some great gifts, such as graduation tags, coloring and riddle books, and handicraft sheets for their own police car.

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