At the minigolf meet rough and small ball artists

At the minigolf meet rough and small ball artists

The lanes are not quite dry yet. A heavy rainstorm raged the day before. Mary sopper puts the cushions on the chairs, gets the broom from the storeroom and is just opening her miniature golf course at the state swimming pool. Two children are already waiting impatiently in front of the entrance. Quickly grab the ball and the beater. The day's work begins.

25 years ago sopper took over the plant. For the anniversary there was a big party for young and old. But one thing after the other. In 1988, sopper and her then-husband took over the miniature golf course at the state spa. "At that time we didn't even have running water", tells sopper. Little by little they expanded the facility. A small three-by-three-meter hut served as sales and storage space. "There were no toilets yet either and we only sold ice cream and soft drinks", remembers the 60-year-old.

After ten years it was finally water was installed on the course and there were also toilets. In 1998, the first rough work was completed. The next step was the renovation of the tracks. Work on the facility began in 2007. "The courses were already very old, about 50 years, that was necessary", says sopper.

Familiar atmosphere
She knows most of her guests personally. Many of them are regular guests and long-time friends. They are almost part of the family and help at all corners and ends. Also on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. "They helped me with planning, organization and set-up. Without your help we could not have celebrated the jubilee", tells sopper. Sopper can rely on its guests not only for its anniversary: "they also keep the runway in good shape. They take care of the obstacles and also help with painting."

Every year there is a tournament for the regulars. Ten to twelve players take part, ranging in age from seven to 54 years old. A women's and a men's round are played out. For ten years, this has been a firm tradition at the plant. There is no club of its own, but many of the players have their own clubs and come regularly – in the summer months more often than usual, of course. Hobbyistically, of course, and her seven-year-old grandson is also a keen player.

But even so the facility is well attended. "126 players were on the course last year on pentecost sunday", recalls sopper. A new record that has not yet been topped this year. 106 were the last weekend in july. The bales and the bearings are sometimes very tight. "A group of five players only gets two bats and two balls," says the 60-year-old, says the 60-year-old. The course was then very busy.

"My goal was to reach the 25-year mark, and i've done it", sopper is pleased. In the future, she hopes to be able to stand on the course as long as possible. "As long as I can do it physically, I'll keep going", she looks ahead. The one or the other year is still in there for sure. Your guests will be happy about it in any case.

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