Audi driver rast wins second dtm race after new start

Audi driver rast wins second dtm race after new start

Only a demolished trophy briefly upset defending champion rene rast at the DTM restart in spa-francorchamps.

On the podium, a temporarily baffled rast, wearing the obligatory mouth guard, enjoyed the sparkling wine shower for his winning drive in the second race and rounded off an impressive weekend for audi. The german touring car masters (DTM) returned from its forced break from corona with two one-two finishes for the ingolstadt-based manufacturer.

"What a great race, it was really fun". It was a great last lap," said a happy rast, who was able to hold off opening race winner nico muller of switzerland in the final lap after a gripping duel, and took a lead of around 0.4 seconds to the finish line. Muller (46 points) nevertheless heads into the next DTM double event in two weeks at the lausitzring as overall leader ahead of rast (39).

Only on the podium the defending DTM champion made a mini mishap. "I lifted it up, and then something broke off," rast told tv station sat.1 about the broken trophy. "Broken glass brings luck," he commented with a laugh. The dutchman robin frijns in third place as well as britain’s jamie green and mike rockenfeller from neuwied in the other places underpinned audi’s dominance on sunday.

"I’m just mega happy to have come back like this," said rast. The day before he had to retire in the 21. Due to tire problems, he had to make an unscheduled second pit stop on the 21st lap and was unable to defend his second place. In the final sprint, however, he still drove to fifth place. "The race was still a nightmare," said the defending champion. "I took it easy on the tires at the start, but they still went down the drain. In the second stint I took it even easier, but the degradation was even rougher."

Rast started the second race from pole position. But on the fourth lap, the man from minden had to let muller, the winner of the day before, pass him. After that, rast kept up with his brand colleague. In the 13. The 2017 and 2019 DTM champion came into the pits for fresh tires on the second lap, and muller also came in for new tires one lap later. In the meantime frijns took over the top position.

When the dutchman stopped for a pit stop in turn 16, muller was again at the head of the field. The swiss driver had rast in his rearview mirror. The pole man then overtook on the 21st lap. Muller and lieb can’t take the lead in the second lap. "It was an awesome fight with nico," said rast.

BMW was completely outgunned by audi, which is pulling out of the DTM at the end of the year, leaving the future of the series in grave doubt. Sheldon van der linde (south africa) was the first BMW driver to cross the finish line in sixth place. "That was the maximum for the car," was his frustrated conclusion. "The audi people did a very good job in winter."

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