Notices about trench extension amounts and a heibe slide criticized

After the presentation by mayor andreas sandwall, the burghers had their say. Among other things, this was about the road extension statute, of which no one knows at the moment how it will proceed. Walter kloffel, resident of st.-andreasstrabe in grobenbrach criticized the fact that some notices had been sent out for this area. "The decision is deeply unjust", found kloffel. "The recommendation from the ministry of the interior to suspend this has only been in place since february.", the mayor stated. Nevertheless, he expressed his sympathy with the residents. "At the moment, we do not have a changed legal basis in this area", explained company manager thomas beck. "The municipality was only asked to suspend the notices until the law is in force", said beck. However, only in february, so that the sending of the notices in december was not affected by this recommendation.
A citizen criticized that the slide on the playground in grobenbrach was so slippery in the summer that the children could not use it. In general, everything here is in the blazing sun. "I know that some of the equipment on the playgrounds is no longer up to date. We are currently in the process of developing a concept and revising these", said sandwall. He asked for patience here, as the playgrounds in the other parts of the community were also involved.
Harald neugebauer noted that the fubweg to aschach was in a miserable condition. The mayor promised to take care of this.

Lego traffic circle

Questions about the "lego traffic circle" were also clarified and how to proceed. "At least we have managed to introduce a speed limit", sandwall said. Jorg rumberg said that he thought a traffic circle would be a better solution. Heribert hein noted that the intersection in question, where the "lego traffic circle" was to be built, was not in use was pitch black at night. Here the lighting had to be improved.
Stefan etzkorn asked whether the speed indicator in the town had made a difference. Sandwall answered in the affirmative, even considering the purchase of additional displays for the municipality, which could then be operated in parallel.
Brunhilde hillenbrand remarked that the ditch in the pfaffenacker could hardly hold the floods, especially during heavy rain. "We want to have these points examined on a community-wide basis, and every village should be involved, sandwall said. This is in planning.
Thomas kirchner criticized the approach to the implementation of the "new L+S building" project. The citizens had not been involved enough. Sandwall said that there had been public meetings in the market town council where many grobenbracher had been present. Councillor helmut wischang explained that there had indeed been a public meeting in bad bocklet on the subject, in which the citizens could have their say. However, this meeting was only sparsely attended.
Gottfried buttner noted that in the bergstrabe, people drive too fast, which leads to many deer being run over. It was also suggested at the meeting that the grotto should also be included in the maintenance of the cemetery in grobenbrach.


Mannheim public prosecutor’s office takes aim at enbw

mannheim public prosecutor's office takes aim at enbw

The preliminary investigation was triggered by a lawsuit filed by a russian lobbyist who is contesting the repayment of 120 million euros to the energy supplier before the karlsruhe regional court.

According to "handelsblatt", the issue is that the enbw paid two companies owned by russian lobbyist andrey bykov a total of 120 million euros between 2005 and 2008 – and is now demanding the money in arbitration proceedings. The group argues that the agreed services, including the "supply and safeguarding of uranium," were never provided. On the other hand, the lobbyist argues that it has not provided the services mentioned by enbw in the agreement. Because the company had actually paid the money for lobbying work.

The enbw did not want to comment on the preliminary investigations due to lack of knowledge. "We can’t comment on what we don’t know," said enbw spokesman ulrich schroder. In addition, the company referred to a statement from january, in which the view of the russian contractual partner was refuted. The enbw considers the actions of the bykov companies to be "exclusively tactically motivated and without justification". The plaintiff’s argumentation is "apparently only intended to justify the failure to perform contractually agreed obligations."


“Stress test” by virus: german companies are struggling

The novel coronavirus poses a massive threat to the german economy. Industry expects "stress test" and fears "traceable negative effects". The stock markets slide into the basement.

In an already weak economic situation in germany, the lung disease threatens to become a "real economic inhibitor", warns the industrie- und handelskammertag on thursday. The german export industry, which has a strong international network, is already feeling the impact of the corona virus on global trade and companies are holding back their investment projects at many locations.

Federal economics minister peter altmaier (CDU) did not rule out the possibility that the corona virus could have an "incalculable impact" on previous growth forecasts.


Meeting of the generations

Meeting of the generations

The alloheim "lowenquell" senior citizens’ residence embarks on a journey through time. In the framework of the series of events "meeting of the generations" the dialogue between young people and residents should be constantly encouraged. This year, too, there was a meeting with this year’s confirmation group from unterlauter. Teenagers and seniors discussed everyday school life, growing old and their first pocket money together.

"The girls and boys were particularly surprised by the heavy workload of young people of that time", tells the head of social support, sylvia hohn. "Although there were no afternoon classes at school back then, most of our seniors had to help out much more at home in their free time than is the case today." Young people imagine growing old to be quite lonely. The residents of the residence were able to confirm this to a large extent. "Many seniors outlive friends and schoolmates", that is why we are very grateful for all the volunteer leisure partners who offer their time for walks together, for reading aloud or for a nice chat."

As a small surprise, the confirmation group came up with a very special activity. With the support of deacon jochen grams, the girls and boys organized a coarse dinner in the parish office of bad rodach. Thanks to the help of the social care team of the alloheim senior residence, more than 20 residents were able to take part in the event.


Demolition of the slaughterhouse – a chance for coburg?

Demolition of the slaughterhouse - a chance for coburg?

For michael potzl, the ribbon of science is the key to the city's future. The university is prepared. In his speech, however, the university president does not spare criticism of the city and points out its failures.

Mr. Potzl, the ribbon of science – already favored in the 2008 ISEK – is drawing ever closer. What does this mean for coburg university in concrete terms and what exactly does it mean??
Michael plotzl: actually, the question should be: what does this mean for the city?? Because the future of the regions and thus also of coburg will be decided in competition with the metropolises. At first glance, this seems hopeless, since we cannot compete with the major cities in terms of size or reputation. But I deliberately say "seems" here and not "is, because we still have the best chances! But only if we grab it by the scruff of the neck.

New research institutes
The bond of science is, so to speak, the "key to success. Three elements are important:
1. Creating expansion opportunities for the university with a bridge across the itz into the city. Against the backdrop of further national and international programs – over 70 billion euros from the EU's "horizon 2020" program alone – we will expand existing research institutes and establish new ones.
2. Position coburg nationally as a science location through auberuniversitare research institutions. As one of the first locations of a university of applied sciences (HAW), we have established a fraunhofer application center. A great success, which until recently no one would have dared to believe, but which must now be pursued further in thought. We know from bayreuth how fast a fraunhofer working group can grow.
3. Giving space to the spirit of young university graduates. It's not just about square meters, but about a milieu for courageous creative minds from different disciplines. On the one hand, this involves intensifying cooperation with local industrial companies, for example in terms of engineering services, and on the other hand, it involves completely new fields, such as the life sciences or biotechnology.


Christians get to talk over a cup of mulled wine

Christians get to talk over a cup of mulled wine

The many ways in which ecumenism can be practiced between the catholic and protestant church communities were demonstrated by the advent celebration on sunday, which took place in front of and inside the dreieinigkeitskirche church and in the protestant kindergarten.

Catholic pastor georg birkel and protestant pastor sabine schmid-hagen opened the ecumenical "mood for advent. Schmid-hagen called for people to gather at the bistro tables set up in the church to talk to each other over a cup of mulled wine. The visitors could listen to the christmas sounds of the "nothelfer-blasmusic" in the church "dreieinigkeitskirche" as well as listening to the evangelical trombone choir, which took advantage of the good acoustics of the church hall from the gallery. Sausages, gluhwein and various drinks were offered in front of the protestant church.

Jam from vierzehnheiligen

Despite drizzle, many christians visited the event. In the church, advent gifts such as those from the kindertagesstatte st. Anna offered for sale. The kindergarten also offered a wide range of activities. The catholic women's association offered cakes and the sisters of franciscus from vierzehnheiligen sold jams and advent accessories.


Passion cribs attract visitors to the martern chapel

Passion cribs attract visitors to the martern chapel

Wilfried kuntke is sure that the exhibition of passion cribs in the matern chapel in the heart of the old town can get you in the right mood for the easter feast. The director of the crib show, who is also the second chairman of the bamberger krippenfreunde association, speaks of the great attention to detail that characterizes the passion cribs on display. And from the dramaturgy in the passion story of jesus, which these cribs reflect.

Last supper, olberg, geibelung, crucifixion and crucifixion, lamentation of christ: even people who are not particularly bible-literate can understand the suffering of jesus from the individual scenes. And at the same time hope for easter. Because also the empty grave got his crib representation as well as the risen one and the meeting of jesus with the emmausjungern.

Around 40 nativity scenes in the matern chapel depict the events surrounding holy week and easter. In addition to valuable old figures such as those of bamberg's only "herrgottschnitzer" (god carver) franz bauer also to see those of more recent date.


A sunny pleasure

A sunny pleasure

The weather was good, and so was the offer: "the response is good, the place is also very nice", says herbert grosch from the citroen car dealership grosch in coburg. He had set up his cars in the lower part of bahnhofstrabe, with a range that could not be missing from any of the seven exhibitors: practical cars, built a little higher, small suvs, vans for seven people. "People like it when they can get in more easily."

The autofruhling is not a place for unattainable car dreams. What was shown was what was also bought. Well, auto scholz had several powerful AMG variants from its range, but the cars are also available with smaller engines. Open cars at audi, fiat, mercedes and mazda were not missing. "Spring is convertible time", said richard eberhard from the car dealership merkur in lichtenfels. He has been with the company for over 25 years: "many things have changed, but the popularity of the customers has remained consistently good."

Diesels are still in demand, despite the current political debate: "we have only seen a slight drop in demand compared to the previous year", says horst karrasch from car dealer eberhardt in lichtenfels.


A pioneer in upper franconia

A pioneer in Upper Franconia

Julian naumann, oskar kober and flynn weeber like to play assistants and hold up the sign with the yellow imprint: early education – equal opportunities high: this facility participates in the federal program ‘kitaplus’" is written on the shiny white sign that mayor hermann anselstetter, kindergarten director kerstin lobe and elisabeth weith from the awo want to screw on right next to the entrance door.
The three "lausbuben are pleased about the great upswing that prevails in the herbert kneitz day care center on this occasion. Rainer bluchel, who is responsible for daycare facilities at the district office in kulmbach, tanja zehe, deputy head of the kindergarten, and gottfried luthardt, the local chairman of the awo in wirsberg, and his deputy, also came. Everyone wants to be part of making the kindergarten fit for the future.
The kitaplus demand program is a demand of the federal government to further demand the compatibility of family and career. In concrete terms, this means that in the future, children will be able to attend kindergarten in wirsberg from 6 a.M. Until 6 p.M.30 o’clock. "We are the only childcare facility in the entire district of kulmbach that has been accepted into this program", widely declared.
This year, 45,000 euros have been earmarked for the extended hours, and another 50,000 euros have already been earmarked for next year. "We are able to extend our already long opening hours thanks to the demand program: up to now, we have looked after children from 6 to 6.30 a.M. To 4 p.M.30 o’clock, from 1. April the opening hours will be from 6 a.M. To 6 p.M.30 p.M.", explains kerstin lobe.
The wirsberg kindergarten sat down with the parents in advance, analyzed exactly what care times were needed and responded to their wishes. "We already have five children who will also be looked after in the early evening hours. We have further expressions of interest from november and from january. But this is just the beginning, the need is there", says lobe.
The wirsberg kindergarten not only receives a subsidy for the additional staff hours needed to provide care, but also for the interior of the building. Because when the children come to the facility so early in the morning, they should of course also have breakfast at a special counter – with a music dispenser and everything that a child’s heart desires. In addition, there will be a cuddle corner. Because the longer care also requires a somewhat different atmosphere. "At the moment, the children who stay late in the evening eat their evening meal brought from home, which is naturally cooled. But in the long term, the idea is to provide a dinner as well.", explains lobe.

"Future expansion

"This expansion of the offer is absolutely future-oriented and important for the compatibility of family and work. Today, employees are expected to be flexible, and with extended care, this flexibility is possible", anselstetter is pleased about the innovative childcare offer in wirsberg. The fact that the next facility required by the federal program is in nurnberg, making the wirsberg kindergarten a pioneer in upper franconia, makes the mayor particularly proud.
In fact, the daycare center is also a language daycare center, i.E. A facility that receives additional funding for communication requirements. And currently the facility is being rebuilt for 400 000 euro. The roof is taken off, a second after-school group (already fully booked) is to be created. In addition, a staff room, an office for the kindergarten director and a therapy room for the special needs of the children are to be built.
At present, 79 children between the ages of nine months and twelve years are cared for in wirsberg by twelve educators and childcare workers. The herbert kneitz daycare center also has a special language specialist on staff.


Parents see themselves confirmed

On wednesday, the association of grammar schools in the city and district of bamberg will discuss the results of the site survey for the dientzenhofer grammar school (DG) for the first time.
The content of the investigation, which had been made public in advance, is also buried by the school parents. On the basis of school calculations and forecasts, the study showed that none of the towns of hirschaid, hallstadt, memmelsdorf and scheblitz examined as alternative locations had the necessary school potential required by the state for the establishment of a new state grammar school.
The parents’ council also welcomes the appointment of the two chairmen of the special-purpose association, mayor andreas stark (SPD) and district administrator johann kalb (CSU), in good time before the annual general meeting on 7 may. May enrollment of new students begins. The two top politicians had last week made a clear commitment to the existing location of the high school on feldkirchenstrabe.
The parents’ council feels that the results of the report "fully confirm" its arguments for keeping the dientzenhofer high school at its current location and now hopes that the preservation of the site will also be formally approved by the board of directors of the special-purpose association.
The decision would give parents and their children the assurance that they were choosing a good school, the DG, "with its good accessibility and its specific, unique school profile, which would remain with them for a long time.

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