Beats am berg 2016: techno party with panoramic view

Beats am berg 2016: techno party with panoramic view

Shortly before the summit station, the steady hum of the lift system changes to the steady thudding of the bass runs. Before, you were floating in the gondola between the treetops, now you are floating up and down the slope on the dance floor between a colorful bunch of techno fans. Behind the DJ booth on the south side of the mountain, the fichtelgebirge panorama provides a very special feeling. Above the dance floor the gondolas bring downhill bikers, walkers and new party guests to the top of the ochsenkopf, 1024 meters high, on this sunday afternoon as if on a conveyor belt.

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"Beats on the mountain is the name of the techno party that the snowboarders from "snow sports entertainment" are organizing from bischofsgrun; so that something is happening in the area. The organizers have limited the tickets to 999, to be able to plan better. One week before the party they were sold out. "Create something very special" was the goal behind the party, says co-organizer max fischer. And it was a success – even if dancing on the slope takes some getting used to. The good feeling makes the inclined guest even overlook the fact that no regional beers are offered, but only drinks from the well-known breweries and soft drink manufacturers.

Even the unstable weather hardly disturbs the party people: again and again it rains and the visitors huddle for a few minutes under the bar tents, get a new drink, wait and gossip. A few visitors have prepared themselves and continue to dance under umbrellas or parkas. But also sunny and cloudy sections are not rare. So every half hour you watch about 1000 people put on and take off their jackets. Auber on the dance floor, there it is always warm. Around the special location the gelande was built up quite minimalistically: a bar tent at the entrance, another one at the dance floor, the dj desk to the south side towards warmensteinach, with good music equipment, a few lights and a small fog machine. A pizza and a bratwurst stand from the village on the east side, a few seats on the west side, in a somewhat hidden corner a few porta potties. You do not need more to celebrate, as long as the atmosphere is right.

"We had a lot of fun, the people were all relaxed", sums up fischer, sums up fischer. "On the whole it was a success", he says, although the financial result cannot yet be estimated. The six organizers from bischofsgrun had already held after-parties after their snowboard events, but never in such a rough order. "It was already very stressful in the run-up to the event", remembers fischer. Two days of construction were necessary. In the night from saturday to sunday he had to spend the night on the mountain to take care of the technique and the equipment. The start of the party day was correspondingly hard "but as the first guests arrived, things became more and more relaxed. And when no more new visitors came, we were able to celebrate a little ourselves", so fischer.

At the end you could ride the gondola into the sunset. The bass boom went back to the lift hum, the chirping of crickets replaced the synthesizers. In the approximately 20 minutes gondola ride it became quieter and darker. Arrived in the valley you can hear only the crickets and the cars leaving the parking lot. A usual quiet sunday evening in bischofsgrun. Until next year: the organizers have already planned a "beats am berg 2017 announced.

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