Boxing day: fc liverpool in top match at leicester

Boxing day: fc liverpool in top match at leicester

Jurgen klopp still unusually cold to the fubball christmas hustle and bustle. The burden of the club world cup in qatar? The tight program at the turn of the year? "It’s all good," said the liverpool FC coach, inspired by success, when asked about the exertions.

This was not the case in previous years either. Klopp complained about the high costs at the turn of the year. On boxing day (9 p.M., DAZN), the leaders of the premier league will take on their closest rivals, leicester city, who are ten points behind.

For leicester coach brendan rodgers, on the other hand, the english soccer program at the turn of the year is simply "nonsense. Similarly clearly klopp had expressed it in the previous years also. "The players are not robots, this is not a computer game," rodgers now said of the tight schedule. On saturday, a 3:1 defeat at manchester city, on the second holiday against klopp, two days later at west ham united and on new year’s day at newcastle – breathless through the christmas season.

Pep guardiola, whose club manchester city, like four others, will have to play two games in 48 hours from friday onwards, curses himself in sarcasm. "I wrote a letter of thanks to the premier league," he said, "after the game against wolverhampton we’ll sit down in the cow cupboard to prepare for sheffield."

Fubballerischer high pleasure is not to be expected in view of the load. Hertha coach jurgen klinsmann remembers with horror the uble christmas game when he was a striker at tottenham hotspur in the mid-nineties: "the game on the 27th was a real experience for me. Couldn’t watch it at all, there was only long balls." At that time not only on 26., but also on 27. December played.

Schalke’s english-experienced coach david wagner spoke out strongly against the introduction of a boxing day in germany. "I hope this doesn’t come at some point," said wagner, who was in charge of huddersfield town from november 2015 to january 2019. "I experienced it, and i didn’t like having it," said wagner: "i accept this tradition in england. But i am glad that it does not prevail here. In germany, christmas is still the family holiday."

Spain pauses until 3. January, italy to 5. January, and the bundesliga doesn’t start until 17. January with the round. England ploughs through. Christian seifert, head of the german fubball league, sees "no need to play on the christmas holidays". The premier league games on boxing day are "a stand-alone event for fans worldwide," he told the "bild" newspaper at the beginning of the year.

Simply copying the english original and believing that it will lead to an increase in foreigners’ unemployment does not work. In germany, handball, ice hockey and basketball fell into the second-holiday event hole.

Already at the end of the 19th century. The ball rolled on the island at the christmas festival in the middle of the twentieth century. Until the 1950s, a complete match day was even played on the first day of christmas. FC brentford, now in the second division, is said to have advertised with the sexist slogan: "men go to the game while the women cook in the kitchen"."Because after the stadium visit there was the banquet. Because employees in public transport had to work on the 25. Buses and trains stopped running after the december break. The second holiday has therefore served as a substitute since 1966.

The name of the match has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. Boxing is the english word for packing up. "Boxing day" originated in the 19. Century in the time of queen victoria. At that time, it was common for the richer people to make christmas packages to give to poorer people and employees. Employees had a day off on 26. December off and received their christmas parcel from their masters on that day.

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