Ernuchterung after the bye defeat – schalke on the lookout for a striker

Ernuchterung after the bye defeat - schalke on the lookout for a striker

The team down, the coach in need of an explanation: FC schalke 04 is in the doldrums after the 1:2 in the district derby against borussia dortmund. With 14 points after 14 matchdays, the pre-season runners-up are in a relegation battle.

"I don’t know what you call it," said sports director christian heidel almost defiantly. "But we can read the table. We are aware of the situation. We are standing back there and we can’t get out at the moment."

The team’s deep fall also worries last year’s promoted coach. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old is combative. "That the situation is not already, is clear somewhere," said tedesco, whose team lost a derby for the first time in three years after goals from thomas delaney and jadon sancho. The gap to arch-rival and bundesliga leader BVB is 22 points, and the relegation zone is threateningly close.


Rent freeze referendum fails in bavaria

Rent freeze referendum fails in Bavaria

The bavarian petition for a rent freeze failed before the constitutional court. Bavaria’s highest court rejected the petition for a referendum in munich on thursday.

Rental law is a matter for the federal government. "The review has shown that the petition for a referendum cannot be admitted because the state legislature obviously does not have jurisdiction," the decision said. For the same reason the ministry of the interior had already not admitted the people’s petition and had submitted it to the court.

The tenants’ association and the SPD were behind the now finally failed petition for a referendum. They wanted to freeze rents in 162 bavarian municipalities for six years. Good 52.000 citizens supported the petition for a referendum with their signatures.


Flood disaster in india affects hundreds of thousands of people

Flood disaster in india affects hundreds of thousands of people

People are bringing their belongings to safety in rescue boats, many have to cling to roofs, hundreds of thousands are staying in shelters: the worst flood in 100 years, according to official figures, has the sudindian state of kerala firmly in its grip.

Water masses have reached more than 100.000 people cut off from the outside world. The state government is making efforts to bring drinking water, food and medicines to them by air, kerala agriculture minister VS sunil kumar said on sunday.

With rainfall slowly easing, the task now is to care for the survivors and get the situation under control. The challenge for the helpers is immense: between 800.000 and 1 million people are housed in emergency shelters, kumar said. Tens of thousands were still waiting on roofs for help. Children, sick and elderly people were airlifted to safety.


Profit slump at smartphone market leader samsung

profit slump at smartphone market leader samsung

Strong won also contributed to the decline, samsung said. Sales fell by 8.9 percent to 52.4 billion won. Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones, televisions and memory chips.

In the cell phone division, which accounts for more than half of samsung’s business, sales fell by a good 21 percent to 27.5 billion won. Operating profit slumped by almost 30 percent. According to market researchers, samsung lost a lot of business in china to domestic suppliers such as huawei and lenovo in the past quarter. At the same time, apple made inroads in the high-end market: iphone sales rose by 48 percent, according to company CEO tim cook.

According to calculations by the analysis company IDC, samsung even experienced an unusual worldwide decline in sales of four percent to 74.3 million smartphones in the past quarter. As a result, samsung’s share of the smartphone market fell to 25 percent from around 32 percent a year ago. The sudkoreans themselves no longer publish sales figures.


Un experts denounce chemical weapons use in syria

UN experts denounce chemical weapons use in syria

The nerve agent had been detected in tests of samples in french laboratories, french minister laurent fabius said in paris on tuesday. UN investigators find chemical weapons likely to have been used at least four times. There are "sufficient grounds" to believe this, the syria commission, appointed by the UN human rights council, said tuesday in its latest report to the UN human rights council in geneva.

The use of chemical weapons is a punishable war crime under international conventions. The UN commission, however, qualified: "on the basis of the available evidence, it was not possible to determine the specific chemical substance, the launching system or the perpetrator."But the suspicion is directed primarily against government troops.

The U.S. Government reacted cautiously. More evidence needed to be gathered on who was responsible for the probable use of chemical weapons and under what circumstances it occurred, white house spokesman jay carney said in washington. "We do not rely on the UN alone."U.S. President barack obama warned syrian president basar al-assad months ago that the use of chemical weapons was a "red line" that had been crossed.


Audi driver rast wins second dtm race after new start

Audi driver rast wins second dtm race after new start

Only a demolished trophy briefly upset defending champion rene rast at the DTM restart in spa-francorchamps.

On the podium, a temporarily baffled rast, wearing the obligatory mouth guard, enjoyed the sparkling wine shower for his winning drive in the second race and rounded off an impressive weekend for audi. The german touring car masters (DTM) returned from its forced break from corona with two one-two finishes for the ingolstadt-based manufacturer.

"What a great race, it was really fun". It was a great last lap," said a happy rast, who was able to hold off opening race winner nico muller of switzerland in the final lap after a gripping duel, and took a lead of around 0.4 seconds to the finish line. Muller (46 points) nevertheless heads into the next DTM double event in two weeks at the lausitzring as overall leader ahead of rast (39).


Rioting escalates in bangkok

rioting escalates in bangkok

Despite the escalation, the leader of the government’s opponents blew up a new storm: suthep thaugsuban called on his supporters to storm the police headquarters on tuesday.

Police defended the government headquarters, which was barricaded with concrete blocks weighing tens of kilograms. Thick clouds of trance gas drift over the government district. Hotel and shopping districts in the metropolis of 10 million people were not affected. There was also an exchange of blows between demonstrators and police officers at the police headquarters.

A court issued a warrant for suthep’s arrest for inciting a revolt. A detention order issued last week for trespassing on government facilities has not yet been enforced. Suthep now appears only surrounded by bodyguards.


Jubilee pilgrimage to fourteen saints

Jubilee pilgrimage to fourteen saints

Living faith – this was the motto of the jubilee pilgrimage of the parish of marienweiher to vierzehnheiligen. Pilgrimage leader oswald purucker was able to welcome 115 fub pilgrims in the early hours of the morning.-bartholomaus church buried in marktleugast. The 250th anniversary of the church was also the occasion for a jubilee pilgrimage this year. The fub pilgrims were joined at vierzehnheiligen by a busload of senior citizens and participants who had come in their own cars. In the end, well over 180 people took part in the solemn procession into the basilica, the stations of the cross in the open air, and the pilgrimage mass in the evening. Even mayor franz uome traveled to be present at this rough event.
Father heribert arens, in his sermon on saturday evening, underlined the meaning of the words: "live faith". This was chosen because faith and life belong together, because heaven and earth belong together. A belief, arens continues, that gains no contact with life is dead. Conversely, a life that is out of touch with faith runs the risk of becoming bleak and hopeless. In addition to the religious impressions, which give strength for a whole year of pilgrimage, the conviviality could not be neglected.
After the solemn mass in the basilica the next day, the solemn departure of the pilgrimage group, which was certainly the largest on that day, was widely observed by the other believers. In the afternoon, a short devotion took place at the small chapel in the achatzmuhle, where pastor father adrian thanked the fire department of marienweiher and marktleugast, who had taken care of the safety of the pilgrims on both days, as well as the brass band. He also thanked the mayor of ludwigschorgast, doris leithner-bisani, who had opened the town hall for the rest.
In marienweiher, the pilgrims were then received by pilgrimage chaplain father witalis. Oswald purucker

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