Christians get to talk over a cup of mulled wine

Christians get to talk over a cup of mulled wine

The many ways in which ecumenism can be practiced between the catholic and protestant church communities were demonstrated by the advent celebration on sunday, which took place in front of and inside the dreieinigkeitskirche church and in the protestant kindergarten.

Catholic pastor georg birkel and protestant pastor sabine schmid-hagen opened the ecumenical "mood for advent. Schmid-hagen called for people to gather at the bistro tables set up in the church to talk to each other over a cup of mulled wine. The visitors could listen to the christmas sounds of the "nothelfer-blasmusic" in the church "dreieinigkeitskirche" as well as listening to the evangelical trombone choir, which took advantage of the good acoustics of the church hall from the gallery. Sausages, gluhwein and various drinks were offered in front of the protestant church.

Jam from vierzehnheiligen

Despite drizzle, many christians visited the event. In the church, advent gifts such as those from the kindertagesstatte st. Anna offered for sale. The kindergarten also offered a wide range of activities. The catholic women's association offered cakes and the sisters of franciscus from vierzehnheiligen sold jams and advent accessories.

With the altar boys of the parish st. Kilian, the children were able to decorate jars for christmas and the women of the evangelic kindergarten were involved in the candle making. In addition, the rumania aid was represented with a stand, where pizza was offered.

Parish priest sabine schmid-hagen thanked all the organizations and associations for their participation as well as the helpers, for example, in setting up the sales booths. This year, the proceeds of the event will be donated to the "bread for the world" charity and "adveniat benefit.

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