Christmas – jesus is born

Christmas - Jesus is born

Sometimes I ask myself: what would it be like to just say "thank you" to jesus for christmas? Say? Yes, how does a child do that …? By painting a picture: of the manger, of mary and joseph – and of the stable. A child’s picture. A beautiful picture …

"Hey, mama, I made a thank you picture for jesus. I would like to bring it and give it to him myself. Where should I put it, so close to christmas eve??" – "ah", thoughtlessly the mother answers, busy in the middle of her work "just run ruber to church. There the crib is already built. You can put it down and give it to jesus. In the church he is destined." Said – done. The little one dashes off and comes to the church. But – the church is closed. Closed. No coming in. This is bitter. The girl looks around in despair. No way. What should she do??

She sees an old woman walking home from christmas shopping. Slowly, bent, the small bag hardly portable. The little one runs quickly towards the old woman. "You", she says "you, I want to give you a present! Jesus was born for us today. I painted it for him. You can have it. It is for you, all for you!" The old woman looks up and gazes in amazement into the shining eyes of the children: "for me? A present for me? And i thought no one was giving me anything for christmas eve this year. And now this! A picture of the manger. From the savior, the savior of the world." She turns to the child: "you, thank you, you have already drawn this very, very much – and you have made me the greatest christmas joy. For god never leaves anyone alone since christmas!"

Quickly the girl runs home again. There the mother is still working, but she waits for the little one to come and calls ruber: "and, was jesus there and was happy about your picture??" "Yes, he was there. And he was very happy. He said: since christmas god never leaves anyone alone. He said so himself. Yes, he said so himself."

The mother marvels and repeats: "no one ever leaves god alone anymore. Thank you, jesus!"

Who gives thanks like this, it will be christmas for him. He is happy about the christmas message:

"Behold, I proclaim to you great joy: to you is born today the savior!"

Sincerely digs you with the best message for this world

Your rolf dieling, pastor

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