Cisco cuts partnership with chinese supplier zte

Cisco cuts partnership with Chinese supplier zte

In the meantime, the american congress report was published, which classifies ZTE and huawei as a threat to the USA and has already triggered tensions with the leak of the first details.

Cisco no longer has a relationship with ZTE, a spokesman for the internet technology specialist told financial news agency bloomberg in response to a query. ZTE could resell cisco technology as part of a distribution partnership. U.S. Authorities are investigating a ZTE deal with iran that may have involved the supply of cisco technology to the regime, which is covered by a U.S. Export ban. The report from the U.S. House of representatives on monday said ZTE declined to comment on the matter and only acknowledged that it was investigating internally whether documents related to the matter had been destroyed at the company.

U.S. House of representatives intelligence committee concludes huawei and ZTE are a threat to U.S. Security. Accordingly, the committee opposed contracts with the two chinese companies. Furthermore, takeovers or mergers of huawei or ZTE with american companies should be blocked. In justification, the deputies referred to the suspicion that they were cooperating with chinese intelligence services and the military. Hard facts did not come to the table, however, but rather the accusation that representatives of huawei and ZTE had not answered all the questions about it.

The companies reject the accusations. "The security and integrity of our products is proven worldwide," huawei declared on monday. Huawei is trusted by more than 500 customers in 150 countries worldwide. Among them are many rough phone providers. In europe, for example, deutsche telekom, vodafone, british telecom and telefonica use huawei equipment.

The two chinese companies are rapidly gaining weight in the it industry: huawei is the world’s second-largest telecom equipment supplier after ericsson, and zte recently became the fourth-largest cell phone manufacturer. In australia, too, orders to huawei have already been prevented by security concerns. A few days ago, the "wall street journal" reported that huawei was working on a stock exchange deal to become more transparent. This was also a recommendation of the committee report that became known a few days later.

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