Confusion about north sea comeback in coburg

Confusion about north Sea comeback in coburg

What will be sold at spitalgasse 24 in the future: fish or meat?? On tuesday, the tageblatt reported that the nordsee restaurant chain, which specializes in fish, will open a new branch in the building "probably in august", as it was stated in a press release. Currently, the 75 square meter store is still occupied by the butcher's schnapp. But norbert schnapp, managing director of the butcher's shop with headquarters in bad staffelstein, has now made it clear in an interview with the coburger tageblatt: "i have no intention of leaving here!"

Norbert schnapp admits to having received a notice from the owner of the building three weeks ago. However, he doubts their legitimacy. According to schnapp, he will therefore have a meeting with the owner of the building next week. "We will try to come to a common agreement, and I hope that the notice will then be withdrawn."

Background unclear

Schnapp does not want to publicly comment on the reasons why he has not been able to find common ground with the owner of the store.
Schnapp's butcher store has been selling its products at spitalgasse 24 since 2012; for many coburg residents, however, the store is still "the spielmann" – in reference to the traditional butcher's shop, which had been there for many decades before.

Smaller stores closed

"We have arrived in coburg in the meantime and have found our feet", notes norbert schnapp. That's why his business plan for the next ten years calls for focusing on the coburg location. Schnapp, on the other hand, has recently closed numerous smaller stores, specifically in grobheirath, michelau, weismain, ebern, ebensfeld and zapfendorf. The headquarters in bad staffelstein was also closed, but according to schnapp, it will be reopened after renovations. Schnapp stores are also currently located in kronach and lichtenfels.

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