Crowd of visitors at the gwf in repperndorf

Crowd of visitors at the gwf in repperndorf

What do condom packaging and the GWF’s young winegrowers’ wines have in common?? Just one of the many questions that were answered over the weekend at the open house held to mark the 60th anniversary of the franken winegrowers’ association in repperndorf. On saturday alone, well over 1000 interested people found their way up the mountain above kitzingen to get lots of information about frankenwein and its production, from the cellar to the roof terrace.

Actually the beginning of the day of the open door was set on 13 o’clock, but already at 11 o’clock scratched the first visitors at the entrance – and were naturally already admitted. The first samples were available right at the reception: sparkling wine and secco could be tasted here. The tasting took place on six levels, covering almost all the vineyards of the steigerwald, main and tauber valleys. And the 60 or so wines, as one or two visitors noticed, could be a real challenge.

But the weekend was by no means just about tasting. There was a lot of information in the huge estate, which could be explored alone or guided by the ten cellar masters of the GWF.

230 liter capacity

There is the cellar. The wines are vinified and stored ten meters below ground level. In powerful steel tanks, in coarse wooden or almost handy barrique barrels, classic coarse ones with a capacity of just under 230 liters, mostly made of oak, french or french, but very recently also of walnut. The cellar covers almost 2 hectares, or 20,000 square meters, and can store up to 30 million liters of wine. Even if in the autumn of it "only about a third "new wine in addition: the requirement for the coarse originates from an older law, which, according to the managing director cornelius lauter, provides for storage possibilities of three times the average vintage.

The "treasure chamber" is also down here of frankenwein, heavily secured by a metal latticework. The view inside is allowed from the outside, but there are only two keys to the lock. Around 3500 wines are stored here, 50 to 60 bottles of each vintage since 1959 – the specialities, which are also only issued on extraordinary occasions.

30 year old grapevine

It is not clear whether the GWF young winemakers will make it in. They also present themselves in the cellar, the stand is always densely crowded. They want to make new, special wines and have also set themselves their own guidelines for this purpose. #neugier heibt die linie, die derzeit drei weine umfasst. #neugier gold is a silvaner, whose grapes come from the young winemakers, from two regions, the vines must be at least 30 years old, the aging takes place in coarse wood barrels. Since the grapes come from different regions and vineyards, it is only allowed to produce "country wine" but the young winemakers have already created something special, at least according to the opinion of many tasters on saturday. The silvaner was joined in recent years by a #neugier rose and still in the barrel stores a red.

View as far as the steigerwald

Even the label has a special design, a vexed image that needs light incidence and comes from the same designer who worked on condom packaging.

And another number: those who have made it up the six floors from the basement to the top can enjoy the view from the roof terrace: over 23,000 square meters of roof space far out to the edge of the steigerwald forest.

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