Defendant in hoxter trial sees himself as a victim

defendant in hoxter trial sees himself as a victim

After almost two years of trial, the murder trial of the so-called horror house of hoxter is about to be concluded. The defendant angelika W. In her nearly 90-minute closing statement, posed as a victim of co-defendant wilfried W. Dar.

She did not apologize to the victims and justified this with her lack of empathy. A psychiatric expert had certified in the trial that she had autistic tendencies and could not muster up any compassion.

The lawyers of the joint plaintiffs and the mother of one of the two death victims who was present left the courtroom in protest because the defendant, from her point of view, made extensive use of the opportunity for the last word before the verdict. "If I could feel empathy, none of this would have happened," said angelika W. About the atrocities. At the time, the side camp representatives and the victim’s mother, anika W. No longer in the courtroom. The mother had previously reacted with disappointment to the defendant’s statements: "nothing new," she said.

Over a period of years, the two germans allegedly lured several women to the house in hoxter in eastern westphalia with newspaper ads and severely abused them there. Besides anika W. Another woman from lower saxony died as a result of the mental and physical torture. The charge is murder by omission.

The prosecution has requested life sentences for both defendants and a finding of special gravity of guilt. For wilfried W. The prosecution also demanded placement in a psychiatric ward. The district court of paderborn will hand down a. October a verdict.

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