(Dental) assistants pass their exams

(Dental) assistants pass their exams

It was a stylish ceremony with a wonderful ambience: 36 medical assistants and 19 dental assistants were officially recognized in the imperial hall of banz monastery, including three medical assistants who had completed their training in practices in the district of lichtenfels, namely rabea hoppel, janine dutsch and marie peter.

Barbara waldhauser, class teacher and chairwoman of the medical examination committee, pointed out, among other things, that this was a class with remarkable examination results. The 35 graduates and one graduate of the medical assistant program passed the chamber examination with an overall average of 2.78, and two participants even achieved a grade of 1 before the decimal point. 19 out of 20 dental assistants passed their examinations. The overall average here was 2.68, with four trainees achieving a "1" before the decimal point in front of the decimal point, two of them with an excellent average of 1.2. Unfortunately, the number of trainees in the health professions is also declining.

Jurgen illnitzky offered the congratulations of the district medical associations. He emphasized the importance of the professions: medical assistants are "the mainstay of the medical practice" and usually had the first contact with the patient. This is extremely important so that the patient feels well taken care of. Calmness, composure and friendliness are important prerequisites for dealing with the sometimes "very special charm of upper franconia" to handle.

Elmar palauneck congratulated the graduates on behalf of the dental profession of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels. For further success, one’s own commitment and will are ultimately decisive. "Keep learning!", was palauneck’s advice.

Jutta lochner, as a member of the examination committee and representative of the professional association for medical professions, emphasized the great importance of the work of medical and dental assistants.

Then the graduation certificates of the vocational school, the examination certificates of the chambers as well as the certificates about the passed final examination were handed over.

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