Event manager dieing announced

event manager dieing announced

Uble vapors sometimes arise in the rumor mill, but often enough what lies behind them turns out to be true. And so, over the weekend, the rumor circulated in the city that jutta dieing, the head of the culture and events department of the staatsbad gmbh, had been given notice by managing director and spa director gunter sauer to retire at the age of 30. April has received. From 1. May should no longer be active for the staatsbad gmbh, but go on leave of absence.

When asked, sauer was very tight-lipped. When asked whether the news was true, he answered not with an unequivocal "no" but with the sentence: "I'll just say that there will be a press release on this subject this week." On the further question whether he confirmed with this statement the notice, he repeated himself: "i only say: to this topic there is still a press release in this week." Whether this should be a person-related or an operational notice: "i'll just say: there will be a press release on this topic this week." How the cultural program in general and the winter magic in particular are to be continued if jutta dieing is no longer available? Again, "I'm just saying: there will be a press release on this topic this week."

Desire for "easier to care for employee

Even if the lightning struck pretty hard – the dismissal did not come as a complete surprise. Who speaks with coworkers of the staatsbad gmbh – who do not want to be called by name – hort, that sauer does not have the best relationship to its department chief that he had rather someone more easy-care on this place. And he hoards the statement that the currently ongoing structural investigations of the staatsbad gmbh by the koblenz management consultancy abel& heimfarth fur sauer a welcome means of drawing a line under the cooperation with jutta dieing. "An expert opinion always comes out what the client wants to read", said one employee laconically. And expressed his fear that other colleagues could also be in the same position.

The question is indeed how sauer intends to justify his sudden termination. Person-related or also without notice meant that jutta dieing had stolen at least the table silver of the staatsbad gmbh or that legal warnings legally justified this action. Apart from the fact that the silverware was never reported as lost, there was also no exemption in this case.

Equally problematic would have been a dismissal for operational reasons. Because that would mean that the work that jutta dieing has been doing up to now has been eliminated without replacement or that sauer will take it over himself. Apart from the fact that the cure director with the core business of its society had to be actually occupied, he did not appear in bad kissingen also still as rough culture manager in appearance. The event business will continue, because only jutta dieing is affected by the notice and not her whole department.

What will become of the winter magic?

But what will happen to the winter magic, for example, would then be completely open to question. Sauer is not allowed to hire a new employee who takes over the job, because the reason for the dismissal would then no longer apply. The consequence was that there would be no more winter magic from 2013/14 onwards. Because the 2012/13 festival had to be programmatically and contractually completed by now.

Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) – the city has a 40 percent stake in staatsbad gmbh – declined to comment on the proceedings: "I do not have any comment. At the moment, this is an internal matter for the state baths. Precisely because I'm in the boat, I'm well advised not to make a fuss about it." He will only take a stand "when the matter is ready for decision".

Herbert loose, chairman of the works council of staatsbad gmbh, is currently on a training course. His deputy declared not to be involved in the matter. He was therefore unable to give an opinion.

And the person concerned? Jutta dieing wants to let things come to her and has taken legal advice. Apart from that, she only says: "there will probably be a press release on this."

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