Farewell with kettledrums and trumpets

Farewell with kettledrums and trumpets

The musicians under their conductor rudi bock gave the expectant audience an unforgettable evening of brass music with a colorful program of polkas, waltzes and marches.

Since the beginning of last year, rudi bock, former leader of the "egerlander blasmusik", has been working in bad kissingen, with the musicians of the "bohemian fever and realized several projects with them. During this time, he placed great emphasis on dynamics, phrasing and the shaping of melodic arcs in order to improve the sound.

Good balance

But the time of his successful work has come to an end. The "bohemian evening on easter sunday was his last performance with the excellent band. So the musicians thanked him at the end of the inspiring concert and with much applause and a present for his fruitful work.

But before that, they proved their class with the new program, which was presented in a differentiated sound image. Under the direction of rudi bock they knew how to create a good balance between expressive moments and soulful melodies that got under your skin.


There was also a well-balanced interplay between the individual registers. When, for example, the tenor horns were playing their warm melodic sound, all the other musicians were playing piano; only the clarinets were allowed a few upbeat notes in between. The wonderful glow of the flugelhorns got its radiance from the carpet of sound laid out by the other instruments.

Sometimes the tenor horns and the flugelhorns threw the melodies to each other like in the veteran-march. In the overall sound, a very harmonious play unfolded, trimmed by the rhythmic accompaniment of the drums, basses and trombones.

Not only the musicians, who performed many pieces by the egerlander musicians and their conductor ernst mosch, but also the listeners were particularly impressed by the beauty of bohemian music. Whether longing, sweet, brisk or joyful, the melodies and rhythms immediately get into your blood and heart.

"We love the music"

Some of the guests came from far away; they came not only from the district of habberge, but also from unterspiesheim, trosdorf, herbststadt or bad staffelstein and even from belgium. What they all have in common is their love of bohemian-moravian music. As heinz and rita buhlheller from hainert expressed it: "we love this music and the bohemian fever." Heinz buhlheller, who blows the flugelhorn in the brass band hainert, knows how many rehearsals are necessary to be able to play so excellently as the bohemian fever.

"What we like to hear

"The musicians play flawlessly. Exactly what we love to hear", he emphasized. The newly prepared program offered many facets of bohemian, but also mahrian wind music by well-known composers, but also by christian ratscher-minth, the baritone player of the "bohemian fever", and by stefan frank, the trumpeter of the stettfelder blasmusik. As soloists, michael philipp (flugelhorn) and stefan heidenreich (tenor horn) shone with the max and moritz polka, and armin katzenberger (drums) with the "lieblingstrommler" (favorite drummer).

Again and again there were bravos for the soloists, for especially beautiful pieces and for the singing duo sonja vollmuth and michael selig. After the three-hour excursion into the beautiful bohemian and moravian music, the "bohemian fever" thanked the audience still with two encores at his highly satisfied audience, which will surely come again next time.

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