Go to the polls! An appeal from bamberg

Go to the polls! An appeal from bamberg

In the last federal election in 2013, the turnout in the electoral district 236 bamberg-forchheim was 70.5 percent (electoral district kulmbach 70.96 percent). This means not only that almost 30 percent of eligible voters did not go to the polls, but also that the turnout had dropped by a few percentage points compared to the election in 2009: 72.83 percent of voters cast their ballots then. The question is: will this election on the 24th of this year. September will be another downturn?

Six people want to prevent this with an appeal: they all go to the polls as a matter of course.

Johannes marx, professor of political science at the university of bamberg: "political scientists observe an increasing alienation of citizens from the political system and its elites. This process is a mystery to me. Would you agree to the following trade? They trade their lives here for one in a country chosen at random by me. Welfare state, health care system, freedom and participation rights are at stake, among other things. I would not trade. This is not to deny that germany has rough tasks to accomplish. But democracies open up many opportunities for you to get involved in the process. Being allowed to vote is a privilege. Take this chance."

Reinhold braun, pastor st. Peter und paul rattelsdorf: "i haven’t missed a single election since i was 18, except for one when i came back late from a weekend trip. I was inspired by my grandfather, who was a local councillor in politics. His father-in-law was deposed as mayor by the nazis. In a dictatorship, you don’t have the opportunity to go to the polls, that’s what I learned from my grandfather. But we have the freedom and should not not go to the polls out of disinterest or frustration. If you’re frustrated, you don’t have to tick anyone off, but you can go to the polls. Even with an invalid vote, you exercise your right to vote. Every election sunday i call on people in church to go to the polls. I myself am always at the polling station early at 8 a.M."

Konstantia gourzi, composer, conductor, scholarship holder at the villa concordia 2017/18: "a lot depends on the election result for all of us and for the people, at least in europe, but very much all over the earth. You can say: 2017 in germany – what is the real "choice"?? There is room for maneuver, there are differences – and the most effective way to make a difference is through long-term commitment! We are dependent on each other, we live together and we must bear the responsibility for our own lives with courage and faith. I encourage everyone to make use of their right to vote! It is worth it for you, for your children, for all of us!"

You xie, bamberger local politician from china: "i am a french chinese and i am persona non grata in peking. I am still fighting for freedom of the press, freedom of belief and democracy in china. A real democratic participation in china is still impossible and also in many other countries like north korea and iran, where there are dictatorships. I am very proud that I have been able to vote in germany since 2010. A sustained low voter turnout will prove all those right who no longer see a real representation of the people in the representations as guaranteed and demand the introduction of a compulsory election to ensure exactly this representation of the people. Let us not allow ourselves to have our freedom curtailed. I appeal to potential non-voters: please go vote!"

Corinna bail, first-time voter: "i am a first-time voter and will go to the polls in person on sunday. What I have noticed is that the election is not taken seriously by some people. I think that is a pity, in other countries democratic rights are not self-evident. Sunday decides how we will live in germany in the next four years. My appeal goes out to first-time voters, but also to old voters, to inform themselves in many ways, to form their own opinion about what the parties stand for, and to read through the party program from time to time. I have tried the choice-o-mat myself and read through neutral reports. I am curious how I feel in the voting booth."

Elias harris, captain brose bamberg: "we live in a democracy in which – thank god – we have the right to vote. Everyone should be aware of this and be aware of this privilege. Since I can not personally go to the polling station on sunday, because I am with my team at a tournament in croatia in the mission, I have made use of the brieahl."

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