Habberge district council election: wilhelm schneider triumphs in runoff election

habberge district council election: wilhelm schneider triumphs in runoff election

The applause lasted for minutes when wilhelm schneider entered the coarse meeting room of the district administration office in habfurt on sunday evening. At his future place of work he was buried by several guests, many cheered him on. The acting district administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU) spread his arms, walked up to schneider and pressed him firmly against him.

The successor for his office comes from his own party, schneider has won quite clearly against bernhard rub from the SPD: 53.59 percent of the voters had him on their side in the runoff election yesterday, sunday. That's almost 3000 votes more than she got rub. "I assume that there will be a bit of celebration", said a beaming wilhelm schneider when asked what was in store for him this evening in his home town of maroldsweisach, where he is mayor.

The defeated sander mayor bernhard rub was admittedly disappointed by the result, and seemed dejected when it became increasingly clear that the votes for him would not be enough. "When you compete, you naturally want to win," he said, said rub. The two weeks of additional campaigning took a lot of energy. Because in the district council elections on 16. Marz of the total of six candidates, none was able to win an absolute majority, so the election went to a run-off vote.

Rub almost cracks the CSU fortress
In the end, rub explained, it was "a great result for someone from the SPD. Because the district of habberge is an ancestral CSU stronghold. In addition, he had "as a lone fighter against the CSU and its apparatus" have to run. Rub was alluding to the "aids" the CSU brought in for wilhelm schneider: besides minister president horst seehofer, finance minister markus soder and head of the state chancellery christine haderthauer also love to be involved in the election campaign.

Nevertheless, rub showed himself to be a fair loser: "i naturally congratulate wilhelm schneider." A little later he did so in person, namely when schneider entered the meeting room with his wife larissa shortly after 8 p.M. Rub was able to laugh again. "Bernhard rub was naturally a very serious contender", schneider paid respect to his opponent. We will work very well together in the district council "we have already agreed on that".

Schneider's victory was not a matter of course for rudolf handwerker, the incumbent district administrator, who had governed the district for 24 years and was no longer allowed to stand for election for reasons of age. It had been "the expected exciting case", said craftsman. "I am naturally pleased. I am convinced that he is the right man to succeed me."

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