Honey, you look stupid!

Honey, you look stupid!

A bgekampft comes the cross runner from the "long jog" home. "Well, how was it?", asks the runner’s wife. She gets a grumble in response. That’s all. Three hours he was on the road. Three hours of thinking, but no solution to his problem in sight. He just does not have the head free. Saturday is the kemmerner kuckuckslauf and the querlaufer doesn’t know yet what to wear. "You have problems. And there you always say something about us women."

J a, dear friends of the art of running. There’s always something going on in kemmern. In the start and finish area, the bar is bustling. The spectators are beside themselves. The music spurs the participants on. Everywhere poison-green shirts – the color of the kemmern running department. Even the starting arch is green. Host, moderator and department head klaus geub also wears green running shoes. Roland wears green glasses and dyes his hair green. Christine geub’s wrist encloses a green watch. Here, everyone is styled to the nines. The question of the right outfit is not far-fetched.

Even the spectators on the two-kilometer lap give their all. Before the start a cheerleader group shows its skills. After 200 meters the timbalinos drum their souls out of their bodies. In addition to the official refreshment point, there are several "unofficial" ones from residents along the route. Mostly with music support. The whole village celebrates. An accordion player, the golden girls and the samba drummers of "PAIXAO" give gas. The cheerleaders with their pompoms waving everyone to the next round. The whole spectacle is to be run through five times. Again and again grapes of spectators: "bravo. Super. Run, run, run!" Cooking spoons are beaten on pots, rattles are swung and whistles are sounded. When you take a breath, the cuckoo from kemmen will surely come running from behind: "hey, ho, go on, go on." In his female feather costume.

T his great audience must be offered something. So the question of the right running clothes is not far-fetched. The atmosphere alone makes the kemmern course ideal for best times. Flat as a runner’s bucket board. A best time course as it is written in the book. But the cross-country skier has to take it easy. His "hundred" in leipzig is not long ago. The right clothing becomes all the more important.

A runner friend gives me the idea. Already something of the "bad taste outfit" belongs to? What should it be? Means, translated from the english, bad taste. And the name says it all: in the context of "foul fashion, as the bad-taste style is also called, everything is allowed that is terrible. That sounds good. Just the right thing for the querlaufer. Standing out at any price.

T he kemmern cuckoo run is a great fun for all running groups. Here everyone has his spab. The cross-country skater can only warmly recommend the cuckoo run. Now he just has to find the right bad-taste outfit. "Whether the kemmern spectators will accept your bad taste?", asks the runner’s wife. We will see. In any case, I will live my taste exactly as I liked it best. I will slip into clothes I would never dare to wear on the street in everyday life. First costume tests don’t elicit any enthusiasm from the runner’s wife: "honey, you look stupid." I will find the right outfit.

H allo kemmern, here i come! And what about you? Hopefully you will come too? See you next saturday in kemmern at the cuckoo run.

Run happy and smile!
Your cross runner

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