Huk-coburg seeks a digital future

Huk-coburg seeks a digital future

The HUK coburg insurance group supports the coburg network. Future.Digital as part of the digital grundzentrum fur oberfranken, it participates in the insurtechhub munich, a digital initiative of the bavarian insurers, and it cooperates in innovation management on a project basis with the karlsruher institut fur technologie, KIT. Since yesterday, it has also been involved in the digital grunderzentrum mittelfranken, with which a five-year cooperation was agreed upon.
"Digitization is an important topic for us, and our cooperation partners all work in different ways. This leads to new different ideas and suggestions", explains karin benning, press spokeswoman for the insurance company. Digitization is not a new field for HUK coburg, she emphasizes: "we already had it with the online portal huk24.De los." At the time, HUK coburg was one of the first insurers with an online offering that was also profitable. "This online subsidiary has shown that digitalization is a competitive advantage. We are consistently pursuing this path and are thus able to satisfy our customers’ needs even better and faster", emphasizes benning.
But digitalization is not just about customer portals: HUK coburg was also a pioneer in the digital capture of written correspondence. A mail center has been set up on the lauter high, where all incoming mail is scanned and digitally prepared so that it can be processed at all locations. "That was a major milestone, because we brought the structures of mail processing together there.", says karin benning. Digitization is simplifying structures and processes and bringing us even closer to our customers," says karin benning.
As far as cooperation with the zollhof is concerned, HUK coburg is looking for "an exchange with young talents, start-ups, scientists and experts", HUK coburg board member daniel thomas is quoted as saying. "Our goal is to learn from each other and work together on new ideas." The content focus of the zollhof basic center is aligned with the economic and research sectors that are strongly represented in the region. Targeted cooperation between start-ups and companies should make it easier for start-ups to enter the market and obtain their first customer orders.

Approaches from auben

"We want to be partners and jointly develop business ideas that have a real practical relevance. Basic customers benefit from our experience and expertise. Conversely, auben’s perspective and new ways of thinking are important for us as a company in order to solve current and future tasks", daniel thomas describes the advantages of the collaboration.
According to a company statement, HUK coburg’s planned activities at the zollhof include hosting events, organizing idea competitions and active mentoring for university students. The efforts of insurance companies in the area of digitalization are viewed with favor by the future council of the bavarian economy: digitalization has made it possible to better assess individual risks, processes have been increasingly automated and new competitors are entering the market, according to a press release from the economic council.
The cooperation with start-ups is a good approach, because the companies had to put their own business model to the test in the digital transformation and closely observe the emergence of new companies and products. "The bavarian insurers have solved this problem very well so far from the point of view of the future council and can be a role model for other industries", according to the release.

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