In poppenroth is particularly good shooting

In poppenroth is particularly good shooting

Unterfrankenliga – marco metz would like to be there. "It’s a pity, I really liked fighting with my team. But I promised to paddle the boat from australia to poppenroth to help out", jokes the dental technician, who is on the other side of the world for a work-and-travel year. "I believe in my team. I hope that she will be able to keep the class and that I will be able to join her again next year." Marco metz speaks of the team spirit that brought the air rifle team of the schutzengilde poppenroth back to the lower franken league as runners-up in the eastern district league after a four-year absence. With a little bit of luck, because the champion BSG schweinfurt was not allowed to move up due to personnel reasons. "Sometimes luck is a part of it", says matthias metz, who has been an integral part of the first team for over twenty years. "The man-to-man pushing in this league is a whole other challenge. Sometimes with 40 shots the last one decides. You have to get over it nervously", female of the experienced sportschutze.

The team was newly formed in 2011. Jasmin metz returned to the team after a five year break due to studies, in which marco metz had shot himself up due to strong performances. Together with ramona reub, marco schlereth and matthias metz they already reached the third place in the district league east in their first season together. "We had and have as a team on and beside the sliding stand simply together spab. But good performances don’t come by themselves," says team captain, says team leader jasmin metz. Which is why it was a stroke of luck that andreas binder, an experienced sportscaster from SV burglauer, moved to poppenroth and thus to his home town. Due to professional and school commitments, joint training is difficult to realize. "But if it doesn’t work out together, we train separately. That’s the advantage of pushing, that everyone alone can flexibly determine his training times, whereas together it is naturally much more fun", female jasmin metz.

The first day of competition in schimborn did not go according to plan yet. Both competitions were lost, the only point was won by ramona reub. "In the unterfrankenliga pushing is a big change for all of us. I try to concentrate on the basics of pushing, which I have already learned in my youth. That’s how I got my first point", reports the social insurance clerk. "Class preservation is the goal. Even though i have shot man against man many times, after a few years you forget how much nervous tension there is. Special in the league are also the spectators who follow the action and cheer along. We have to get used to it again", explains matthias metz.

Andreas binder has also already passed his own personal endurance test – in the second match against his former team from burglauer. "That was of course something special for me, but against petr smol, a czech world cup skier, i didn’t think i had a chance anyway. But i didn’t switch because i had problems in burglauer, but because the professional situation, including driving to burglauer, simply doesn’t allow for regular training. That’s why the performances in the past season were quite modest." With new motivation and more training binder hopes to bring themselves to a higher level. "Since I was also a coach in burglauer for many years, I try to pass on my experience and hope that I can contribute to the goal of staying in the league."

On sunday the next match is in glattbach with the duels against the hosts and against waltershausen. Even if matthias metz has to pass due to work, the mood is good and the optimism is great. "To push in this league makes simply spab. Only getting up early on sundays is still a bit difficult for me," explains kerstin lobe, jokes marco schlereth. "At the end of the day we all try to do our best. Then we will see what the season brings for us. The most important thing is that we all enjoy our sport and pass this on to the children", says jasmin metz. And if need be, there is still the support of the colleague from australia.

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