Industry calls for more speed in broadband expansion

Industry calls for more speed in broadband expansion

Business and the taxpayers’ association demand more speed in the digitalization of germany. The president of the german chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK), eric schweitzer, called for less bureaucracy in the expansion of high-speed internet access.

"We also have to be more creative when it comes to network expansion. Otherwise we won’t be able to get out of the tight spots," he told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. The taxpayers’ association called for a rapid expansion of digital administration.

The new minister of state for digitalization, dorothee bar, acknowledged deficits. "We were not ambitious enough. But that’s changing now," the CSU politician told the newspaper bild am sonntag.

"From 2018, the rule is: digitalization first. In all areas," said bar. Germany is fubball world champion and logistics world champion. "We also want to become digital world champions! Many will scoff again, but I am tired of the thoughtlessness. If I don’t have the goal of finishing first, I don’t need to compete at all."For the near future, bar promised free wi-fi in all federal and subordinate agencies.

DIHK head schweitzer said on broadband expansion: "approval procedures must be made less bureaucratic, parallel responsibilities of different levels of government must be unbundled. We can also imagine laying more fiber via micro-trenching."The cables only had to be pressed into the asphalt with a narrow cut and not buried completely in excavated earth. "All of this brings more speed, which we urgently need," said schweitzer.

The new federal government’s focus on giving priority to connecting commercial areas to the fiber-optic network is an important step, he said. "In the medium term, we must connect all buildings and 5G mobile sites throughout the country to the fiber-optic network. This is the guideline on which politicians should base their demands and the legal framework," said schweitzer. The grand coalition wants to achieve flat-area coverage with gigabit networks by 2025.

"As far as administration is concerned, we are more than offline," the president of the taxpayers’ association, reiner holznagel, told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. Personal appearance is still necessary, for example, for re-registrations. Some baltic states and austria are already much more advanced and efficient in this regard. There have been too many buzzwords in digitalization so far. "Here, the government wants to go ahead with seven-league boots, but is already stumbling in the initial phase."Priorities are unclear, criticized holznagel.

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