Intersection with traffic circle or traffic light?

Intersection with traffic circle or traffic light?

The traffic situation at the intersection of bahnhofstrabe and B8 is a burning issue for the citizens of iphof. Mayor josef mend () addressed the issue at the burgers' meeting in the packed karl knauf hall on thursday. As early as 2011, the citizens of burgenland had expressed the wish to defuse the dangerous intersection with a traffic circle or traffic lights. At least with the traffic circle it could look rather difficult with the conversion however.

Mend announced the results of a site inspection with the state building authority. The authorities are not in favor of a traffic circle. She argues that the main traffic flows in both directions had to be routed through a traffic circle. This loosens a variety of braking and acceleration procedures and affects both motorists and residents.

However, a traffic-suspended traffic light is possible. This approach was also supported by the city council. The mayor pointed out that the tramway authorities had only rebuilt the intersection in 1985, but that it no longer met modern standards. Today, intersections have been staggered, such as the bypass to rodelsee and – staggered to this – the turnoff to willanzheim.

However, several burghers expressed doubts that traffic lights would lead to fewer stops and starts.

"Better a traffic light quickly than no traffic circle for years to come", mend spoke out in favor of the traffic light. Josef gareis feared that this could lead to traffic lights similar to those in kitzingen – and earned applause from his fellow burghers for this objection. In response to a question, the head of the building authority, matthias kurth, estimated the cost of a traffic light system at 150.000 euros, for a traffic circle with 300.000 euro.

Bahnhofstrabe – district matter

The citizens also used the meeting to point out to the mayor that the ceiling of bahnhofstrabe needs to be renewed. Improvements are out of place here. The mayor pointed out that this was the county road KT 19 and that the county was responsible for it. He also noted that the road, as a gateway to the city, needed to be redesigned in places.

Mend further announced the relocation of the community connection road to markt einers-heim – combined with the new construction of a bicycle path, which would not only increase traffic safety, but also serve as a tourist attraction. At the same time, according to mend, an accident-prone intersection will be eliminated by staggered turning options and the connection to knauerkes II will be improved. As soon as the legal conditions are clarified and an agreement is reached with the landowners, the adaptation of the land use plan and the drawing up of a development plan will follow.

A solution still has to be found for the B8 crossing of the cycle path that does not affect the fritsch company with regard to possible expansions. However, due to the budget situation, no execution is planned for 2012.

As senior citizen representative, josef gareis suggested a sensible path connection for cyclists and pedestrians from the construction area of iphofen-east to the new shopping market. As a positive side effect of the extension of an existing farm road and another part of the site, gareis mentioned the development of a new walking path in the area of the saddle lake. Mend estimated a possible extension as proposed at a cost of around 40,000 euros. The implementation is still planned for the current year.

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