Lea has made her peace with the term “pop music

Lea has made her peace with the term

Singer-songwriter lea (26, "quieter") has accepted the label "pop music" for her second album. "I think i"ve always made pop music, i just didn"t want to have that label put on me," she said.

It took her a long time to find a description for the kind of music she made. "I don"t like to be pigeonholed like that."

On her second album "between my lines", which came out on friday, the 26-year-old wants to offer "emotional and also sad songs" with danceable beats. "I enjoy it very much when people can dance to my music."She thinks it"s great to celebrate with the audience at her concerts, that"s why she combined "deeper lyrics with a lighter, floating vestment.

She is aware that this is sometimes a burr walk. "Quite often i will also perform acoustically with my songs. Therefore, it is also important that they only work with piano accompaniment," said lea.

She explains the title of the album as follows: "I think you can say everything quite openly, but it"s more important what"s between the lines."

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