Living “in the middle of life” in itzgrund


Fritz forster from kaltenbrunn has a rough vacant house in kaltenbrunn for sale. It was built in 1926, renovated in 1992 and can be occupied immediately. He has been looking for a buyer for two and a half years. "Many interested parties were already there. It always fails because of the financing", emphasizes forster.

His house, like four others and five developable plots of land in kaltenbrunn, has been designated as part of the "30 hectare day" marked with a rough red balloon. Each of the balloons carried a solar lantern, visible from afar, marking houses and properties in the town center. In addition, a red chair stood in front of the houses or in the middle of the plots of land. Visitors were invited to sit on it and soak up the flair of the residential locations. The youth from the itzgrund decorated the strabe with appropriate slogans like "mitten im leben" (in the middle of life).

Against land consumption
With the nationwide 30 hectare day, to which the initiative rodachtal and the model project model of spatial planning, called moro for short, invited to kaltenbrunn this year, one wants to set a sign for sustainable land management, emphasized district administrator michael busch (SPD) and mayor werner thomas (SPD).

Currently, every ten minutes in germany, nature and the countryside are destroyed on the scale of a soccer field. The federal government has set the goal of limiting the use of land to 30 hectares per day by the year 2020. Currently, 80 hectares are consumed per day. Before new building areas are developed outside the town center, the vacancy rate in the villages should be eliminated, emphasized the responsible persons.

Mayor werner thomas has the wish that young families, who could move into the vacant houses or build their own homes on the building plots, will bring more life back into the village. With the action day one wants to make attentive on development-fahbare flats and empty houses in the localities.

Community demand program
In the municipality of itzgrund, vacant houses and building land were already recorded several years ago, thomas emphasized, and referred to a demand program of the municipality. Thus, 15 vacant houses and 120 buildable areas in the municipality of itzgrund were identified. However, many are privately owned, were bought as a capital investment and the owners are often not willing to sell them. 20 construction sites and some houses are immediately available, like the house of fritz forster, which lies in the middle of the village center of kaltenbrunn. Vacancies are not optimal for many parties, the mayor noted.

In his remarks, he also addressed the issue of demographic change. According to this, the municipality will have around 200 fewer inhabitants in 2030 if development continues as it is now. Thomas is looking forward to the village renewal, which should make the village center more attractive and help reduce vacancies in the village center. An information event will take place on wednesday, 26. June, instead.

Revitalize village centers
Active models, such as the spatial planning model, are seen by district administrator michael busch as an act of public welfare. There are 21 model regions in germany, and coburg is the only one in bavaria with the entire district, says busch. Building areas are often designated outside the town centers, even though there are many empty lots and vacant houses in the town centers. That's why all municipalities have to pull together in this project, the district administrator emphasized.

He cited the hofheim alliance as an example, which calls for the preservation and use of existing buildings. This will prevent the old towns from being destroyed and the migration to urban agglomerations. With the iron rose, the district has already created an incentive to restore old houses and stay in the villages. The goal is to make the living space in the villages more attractive, emphasized the district administrator.
The 30-hectare day was musically framed by the brass band of mursbach.

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