Low’s tricky order for b squad against turkey

low's tricky order for b squad against turkey

The main order of joachim low to his XXL squad before the unloved and complicated landerspiel triple pack is clear, but delicate.

"We have to present ourselves in a way that makes the spectators want to see the national team again," the national coach said before the first part of his huge squad met in poland on monday. After a long forced break at corona and the two unsatisfactory draws at the restart of the national soccer team against spain and switzerland, it is now imperative to win again.

"With a little bit of distance, i was really annoyed," low admitted, looking back at the two 1-1 games: "we gave away goal-scoring opportunities carelessly and ultimately lost two victories. We have to learn from this, we have to do better."The circumstances, however, give reason to fear that brilliant performances are hardly to be expected in the test match against turkey on wednesday and then in the league games on saturday in the ukraine and three days later again in koln against switzerland.

The corona pandemic is coming to a head again and has also affected soccer from liverpool to salzburg and all the way to the 2nd division. Bundesliga to aue recorded. The clubs are only releasing their players with great reservations, although the german fubball federation is again putting low’s selectees into a hygiene bubble with virtually no contact with the outside world, as it did for the september games. Nevertheless, low demanded: "we have to become greedy, hungry, more consistent and more cold-blooded again."

It’s not yet clear whether the public will trust it and whether the 9,200 fans the DFB is aiming for will even be allowed into the stadium. "We don’t have any signs yet," the DFB explained on sunday. Nevertheless, the association announced on sunday an unprecedented free ticket campaign for the next opportunity – ideally as early as wednesday.

The DFB wants to say "THANK YOU. To all those who have stood up for others in the corona pandemic and not only thought of themselves. And he liked to give joy. With a visit to the stadium," it hailed in a press release. For free tickets can all fans under the known reserved from monday, 12.00 a.M., apply online at the DFB ticket store.

From a purely sporting point of view, low has classified the friendly match against turkey as questionable, as the already sensitive load control due to the competition calendar is now even more complicated with three matches in seven days. The 60-year-old has already made it clear that his targets apply "especially to the two games in the nations league". That’s why he again dispensed with five munich players around captain manuel neuer and two leipzig pros on wednesday and sent a B squad into the race against turkey. Toni kroos also to arrive only tuesday. The real madrid star is in serious danger of playing anyway because of a muscle injury.

The sporting management is in constant contact with the clubs in order to prevent new disharmonies in view of the many question marks surrounding the national games. "We understand that people in the clubs are concerned," low remarked, but also referred to his own interests: "as a national coach, however, i not only see the perspective of the clubs, but also that of the players and, above all, our own goals. From a sporting point of view, the national team will have to be at its peak by next summer’s EURO. We have to be in top shape – mentally and physically."

So the DFB head coach summarily classified the turkey match as a "welcome opportunity" to "test certain things and try out some things". Jonas hofmann from gladbach was motivated by his first A-team invitation with two goals in his team’s 3:1 win in koln at the weekend. The second newcomer, mahmoud dahoud, did not play at all in dortmund’s 4-0 win over freiburg.

Other candidates for wednesday’s match, such as BVB pros julian brandt and nico schulz or benjamin henrichs from new leipzig, were only allowed to play as substitutes in the bundesliga. Schalke’s suat serdar had to leave the pitch in schalke’s 0:4 loss to RB leipzig with a thigh ligament and is out for the DFB team. This means low still has 28 players in the lineup.

The 23-man delegation that will travel to the corona risk region of kiev on friday will be determined by the national coach at short notice. "We will again take all the necessary precautions to keep the risk of infection as low as possible," emphasized low. At least the national team does not have to worry about subsequent quarantine inspections after the trip to ukraine. North rhine-westphalia has already assured the DFB that it will do so if there are only negative results in the extensive corona test series.

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