Main loop railroad regular operation not before 2025

Main loop railroad regular operation not before 2025

For a long time, the reactivation of the mainschleifenbahn between volkach and seligenstadt was considered wishful thinking. The "sauferbahnle to be converted into a commuter railroad to wurzburg? – a crazy idea.

The proponents, who had stuck to their vision for decades, were all the more pleased that the bavarian railroad company (BEG) has now recognized the need for regular operation. A corresponding forecast provides for sufficient passengers. But this means that the train is still a long way from running regularly from volkach to wurzburg, as district administrator tamara bischof jungst reported to the district councils.

Costs for reactivation: ten million euros

After a meeting between the districts of kitzingen, schweinfurt and wurzburg, the ministry of transport, the BEG and the mainschleifenbahn operating company (BGM), it became clear that a number of obstacles still had to be cleared from the track: first of all, the infrastructure of the leisure railroad had to be upgraded for regular operation. Originally, the project was estimated to cost five million euros, said bishop. In the meantime, the figure is more likely to be in the tens of millions.

Either BGM, in which the district of kitzingen also has a stake, or a purely municipal company or a private operator can be considered as the operator for the rail line, the district administrator said, listing the possibilities. At the same time, she emphasized that the county has so far only been responsible for investments in local public transport (opnv) on the roads, but not for the railways.

District administrator wants to get the free state on board

For this reason, she immediately called for a joint initiative by regional local and state politicians with the aim of getting the free state on board as a provider of subsidies. Bishop envisages that the free state will participate with "at least 60 percent" subsidy should contribute to the costs; this is how much he is giving for the tram-opnv. The district administrator pointed out that the district of kitzingen had already invested around 233,000 euros in the mainschleifenbahn since 1997. In addition, the district will ensure that the feeder buses are coordinated with the rail traffic.

However, before the line can be upgraded for permanent operation, the district administrator wants a binding commitment from BEG to "order" the line for twelve years. Because only then did the multi-million investments make sense. But even then, not all the signs are pointing to grun.

Another condition is that the german railroads provide sufficient time corridors on its main line from seligenstadt to wurzburg so that an hourly service can be established. Taken together, all this led the district administrator to say that regular operation of the mainschleifenbahn would be realistic in 2025/26 at the earliest.

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