Mannheim public prosecutor’s office takes aim at enbw

mannheim public prosecutor's office takes aim at enbw

The preliminary investigation was triggered by a lawsuit filed by a russian lobbyist who is contesting the repayment of 120 million euros to the energy supplier before the karlsruhe regional court.

According to "handelsblatt", the issue is that the enbw paid two companies owned by russian lobbyist andrey bykov a total of 120 million euros between 2005 and 2008 – and is now demanding the money in arbitration proceedings. The group argues that the agreed services, including the "supply and safeguarding of uranium," were never provided. On the other hand, the lobbyist argues that it has not provided the services mentioned by enbw in the agreement. Because the company had actually paid the money for lobbying work.

The enbw did not want to comment on the preliminary investigations due to lack of knowledge. "We can’t comment on what we don’t know," said enbw spokesman ulrich schroder. In addition, the company referred to a statement from january, in which the view of the russian contractual partner was refuted. The enbw considers the actions of the bykov companies to be "exclusively tactically motivated and without justification". The plaintiff’s argumentation is "apparently only intended to justify the failure to perform contractually agreed obligations."

Meanwhile, "manager magazin" reported that eon manager frank mastiaux (47) will be the new chairman of the executive board of enbw. The magazine refers to supervisory board circles. Mastiaux built up the renewable energy division of the dusseldorf-based company. Enbw and the finance ministry in stuttgart declined to comment on the personnel matter.

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