Meeting of the generations

Meeting of the generations

The alloheim "lowenquell" senior citizens’ residence embarks on a journey through time. In the framework of the series of events "meeting of the generations" the dialogue between young people and residents should be constantly encouraged. This year, too, there was a meeting with this year’s confirmation group from unterlauter. Teenagers and seniors discussed everyday school life, growing old and their first pocket money together.

"The girls and boys were particularly surprised by the heavy workload of young people of that time", tells the head of social support, sylvia hohn. "Although there were no afternoon classes at school back then, most of our seniors had to help out much more at home in their free time than is the case today." Young people imagine growing old to be quite lonely. The residents of the residence were able to confirm this to a large extent. "Many seniors outlive friends and schoolmates", that is why we are very grateful for all the volunteer leisure partners who offer their time for walks together, for reading aloud or for a nice chat."

As a small surprise, the confirmation group came up with a very special activity. With the support of deacon jochen grams, the girls and boys organized a coarse dinner in the parish office of bad rodach. Thanks to the help of the social care team of the alloheim senior residence, more than 20 residents were able to take part in the event.

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