Mohsin case: he is allowed to do an apprenticeship

mohsin case: he is allowed to do an apprenticeship

"The company has been very patient", says gabi geisel in the direction of benedikt raab and thomas polzer. Mohsin tariq nods vigorously. It’s been more than two years since he completed an internship at the raab company in ebensfeld (district of lichtenfels). And even then, training supervisor thomas polzer was convinced of the young man’s merits and wanted to give him the apprenticeship he was longing for. The problem: tariq was expelled from pakistan and was not allowed to take up the apprenticeship just like that. What’s more, he was threatened with deportation.

He had always fulfilled everything that the foreign authorities demanded of him. He came to zapfendorf as a 13-year-old. He is very well integrated here, was second in his regular class at the qualifier, is involved in the village and in basketball. And yet, it is only thanks to the commitment of member of the state parliament holger dremel (CSU) that tariq can now start his apprenticeship and stay here for another three years.

Gabi geisel and mohsin tariq have fought long and hard for the 19-year-old to finally be able to complete his training. "They stole two years of his life", finds gabi geisel. The breakthrough finally came with the intervention of dremel, who informed the minister of the interior about this special case. At the same time, with gabi geisel’s help, tariq submitted a petition to the bavarian state parliament. Through the office of the deputy, they remained in contact on the matter. Dremel and his office in scheblitz put in their best efforts.

Tariq had a lot to show, as dremel could see for himself when he visited the young pakistani in his office. With him every time: gabi geisel.

Mohsin tariq has a total of 49 successfully completed internships to his credit. "We need people who want to get involved and integrate like this, and we really want him to stay, dremel already told the frankischer tag in the fall of last year.

And dremel loves mosin tariq and gabi geisel, who act as "grandma" to the young man not alone. "His office was always available for us, even on weekends", confirms the 73-year-old

Due to corona, the date before the petitions committee was postponed again and again. An agonizing time for mohsin tariq. "At the beginning, I tried to distract myself with sports, but at some point that didn’t work anymore." Gabi geisel was afraid for this protege, whom she has known since he came to zapfendorf with other boys.

"Keep the screw still", have always recommended it to him. Just as she mantra-like exhorts all the cursed people she takes care of on a voluntary basis: "abide by the laws, complete your applications."

After the positive decision of the petitions committee finally came in may, the AEO announced that tariq had permission to do the training. "I couldn’t believe it at first", so tariq.

He now has a residence permit for three years. The state is no longer the AEO in bamberg, but the city’s foreigners authority. By the way, the person in charge was amazed at how easy it was for mohsin tariq to answer the many questionnaires. Gabi geisel proudly reports that she thought what the 19-year-old had achieved was something that many people had not been able to achieve after 25 or 30 years in germany.

T-shirt from the teacher

Many congratulatory messages on tariq’s cell phone confirm the popularity of this open-minded young man. Most of all, however, he is delighted with the T-shirt that his zapfendorf qualifying teacher ulrike grotschel-bauer gave him to mark this success, and which he wears proudly: "this is quality from franconia."

With the petition decision, the young man will also be allowed to work as a regular worker on the company’s construction sites until his apprenticeship begins in september at the company raab. Training as a bricklayer begins in september. Why did the company wait so long for the young pakistani?? "Because he is simply good", raab training manager thomas polzer clarifies. He explains that it has been obvious that mohnsin has been committed since he came to germany. He was always interested in the construction site during his internship and always lent a hand. And now? "We are thrilled! He is really, really good, says polzer and: "he who will, he who can, he who makes." The civil engineering company, which employs over 200 people, has always had very good experiences with grandma gabi’s other proteges as well. They are welcome and do a good job.

Residence permit

Mohsin tariq still can’t believe the turn for the better. His grandmother says: "if this didn’t work out, I had lost my faith in justice." In addition to the training company, both are especially grateful to dremel. He comes to the company to get an idea of what it’s like, and he’s very happy. For the time of the training the pakistani has a residence title. And then? "If he continues to develop in this way, then I look forward to a positive future here", dremel is convinced. He says to grandma gabi: "more people like her are needed!" Mohsin nods vigorously: "it is a gift from god." The elderly lady is briefly stirred and then says, as usual, resolutely: "i would like to speak to the politicians in berlin about the issue of refugees one day!"

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