More safety on the way to school

More safety on the way to school

An accident like last year should not happen again at the elementary and middle school in schlusselfeld. Last year, before the pilots had even started their duties, a student at the secondary school was hit by a car while crossing the road. A push-button traffic light for pedestrians has been installed by the bamberg state building authority in the area of the crossover over state road 2262, and has now officially been put into operation.

16 young school crossing guards

Principal reinhold hofmann agreed with the traffic educators from the police that additional crossing guards should be installed to secure the way to school. He thinks it is very important right now. "The children first have to get used to the new traffic lights." Emely and simon, two of 16 young people who stop traffic in the morning with their trowels, are very happy to be school crossing guards. They are aware of their responsibility and do not allow themselves to be distracted even by questions. Also that for this "job" they don’t mind that they have to get up a little earlier than other students.
The young people are very proud of the praise they receive from mayor johannes krapp. Krapp is very happy about the new traffic light. In the past, there were speed limit signs in this area that dated back to the time of the construction site. When the construction phase was over, they stopped for the time being. But then they had to disappear from the state road. Since then, the city has requested a traffic light. Krapp is therefore very grateful to the state building authority that it has now worked out.
Without cost to the city of schlusselfeld, as building director norbert schmitt answers the question. The system cost around 28,000 euros. It takes five seconds for the traffic light to change after the button is pressed. And it also has an acoustic signal. Next year, the damaged pavement of the road from the school to dennertstrabe, for example, will be renewed, schmitt informed. In the context of this mabnahme the roadside in the area of the school is to be created handicapped accessible.
The elementary and middle school in schlusselfeld is currently attended by around 350 students in grades one to nine. The young people are trained as school crossing guards in the sixth grade. From the seventh grade, they were allowed to start their service.

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