Motion fails again: no solar park in the kleinlangheim floodplain

Motion fails again: no solar park in the kleinlangheim floodplain

Once again, the kleinlangheim municipal council has received an application for the construction of a solar park on plot number 1176 in the "vordere au" and was once again rejected.

At the meeting on 17. In march, the council had already rejected this application with five votes to seven. In the meeting on tuesday evening in the sports center, for which quite a few citizens were interested, this time six rates voted in favor and seven against.

The fact that the council did not take this decision lightly was evident from the fact that the photovoltaic system in the au was discussed for around one and a half hours.

Rejection without solid reasons

Mayor gerlinde stier said on the resubmission of the application that after consultation with the legal supervisory authority at the district office, the topic became possible a second time due to changes. This includes a wider sight strip, the preservation of an infrastructure compensation and the lack of "solid grounds" for the rejection at that time.

Regarding this compensation, jochen link from martinsheim, whose company as a service provider for the company N-energy wanted to build this plant, said that the idea for the possibility of financial support for the community came from him.

In response to questions from the floor about the financial side, he explained: "the municipality received ten percent of the revenue and that from the first year onwards."

Law requires 110 meter distance

Looking back on the development of solar plants in the area of kleinlangheim and its suburbs, the mayor recalled that the first inquiries were received in 2009 and that this year the basic decision was made that such plants would in principle be permitted in certain areas. The planning area was set at 22.9 hectares "which also included the area between the staatsstrabe in the direction of feuerbach and the autobahn".

After the corresponding decision of the municipality, there was a legal change for the distance of solar plants to railroads and highways of 110 meters. As a result, the original development plan had to be narrowed down and a new one created. "But the basic decision on the possibility between the state road and the highway still stands and it would be good to come to a consensus", said stier.

Operator secures the plant

Willi kohler emphasized the intended energy turnaround and the positive effects of such a plant, since there was no sealing and biotopes were created by the planting. Hans braun spoke out against solar plants on arable land. He feared higher lease prices for the fields and a substation, if the flat is approved.

Werner kraub pointed out that the council had already rejected such applications. For maria wallrapp, the production of food has priority over the production of electricity, and manfred riedl expressed concern that the costs of dismantling such plants and wind turbines would ultimately fall on the burger.

Thomas schellhorn had doubts about the maintenance of the biotope strips around the plants, but according to jochen link, this was ensured by the operator. Link also pointed out that the operating company is responsible for costs to change the land use plan and the development plan.

Photovoltaics has no corona

"There is no planning law reason to build a solar plant there. And we have the planning authority", said dieter brunner. He reminded of the maxim to stay on the highway. Kohler countered: "we were elected to decide for the good of the community. This also includes the income from such facilities."

Stier confirmed "that the solar plants in the hall bring the highest tax amount for the municipality". In addition, this plant was created on a sandy soil, which could reduce the nitrate load. Moreover, there is no corona crisis with photovoltaics. A further, partly emotional discussion followed, which ended with a roll call vote, which was narrowly against the motion.

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