New led lights

Sigismund von dobschutz

the conversion of the street lighting systems to LED mushroom lights was a topic in the municipal council meeting. In the forest settlement only the attachments of 15 lighting points will be replaced for over 18000 euros. In ebenhausen, eight fires in the area of fruhlingstrabe, amselschlag and merkleinstrabe are to be rerouted. However, since seven of the eight light poles have to be replaced at the same time, the cost is over 17,000 euros. These LED mushroom lights are dimmable, so their brightness is reduced in the night hours between 1 and 5 o’clock.
The official inspection of the action kindergarten in ebenhausen was satisfactory and the further recognition in the old extent took place, informed mayor franz kuhn the municipal council: all twelve day nursery places and 51 regular places remain thus. An excess of this number of places by a maximum of ten percent at a time is permissible. This would mean a maximum capacity utilization of 13 daycare places and 56 regular places for ebenhausen in case of need.

24 out of 130 were there

The young burgers meeting held in march at the suggestion of community youth worker manuel muller and some young people had been successful, the committee heard. After a workshop organized by the participating young people themselves, the members of the local council were invited to discuss the issue. Although muller was satisfied with the turnout of 24 youngsters, the burgermeister had hoped for more participants. After all, 130 young burghers between the ages of 14 and 24 were personally invited to participate.

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