New roller sports facility is being built in bischofsheim

New roller sports facility is being built in bischofsheim

The groundwork for the new roller sports facility next to the open-air swimming pool in bischofsheim has already begun. Now mayor georg seiffert met with alexander zeller (government of lower franconia/city building department), the planner, the representative of the responsible construction company and those active on site for a first inspection, a kind of symbolic ground-breaking ceremony.

The mayor began by recalling the original push for the facility, which began six years ago with a petition to his predecessor, udo baumann. Leopold bott wished for a kind of a skater park. The topic was not forgotten, but also not immediately implemented. "We then took it up, and an unbelievable dynamic has emerged.", seiffert recalled the first meetings with interested young people, the two youth representatives of the city council patrick bauer and benjamin lenhardt, and as a technical specialist siegfried neumann from RWV haselbach.

Total costs of around two million euros

It quickly became clear that the plans and wishes were more far-reaching than a few solo elements for skaters. The idea of the rollersport facility was born. Otherwise, the name is just a kind of working title, seiffert remarked. Perhaps in the course of the next few months another name will be found. The government of lower franconia was won over as a sponsor, and with planning office DSGN concepts from munster, a specialist office that is dedicated to precisely this topic. From the "smaller cities and communities" urban development program (with means of the federation and free state of bavaria) the city of bischofsheim gets 80 percent demand, with total costs of approximately two million euro.

Planning details explained

What is now being built in bischofsheim, this multifunctional facility, is unique, seiffert emphasized: "it’s great that the town councils are going along with it. It will be a facility for locals, guests and tourists to use in summer and winter. I’m thrilled that it’s finally going ahead. It’s something for the burghers of the whole region. I am curious when it is finished." As alexander kebler from the construction company august fichter from raunheim explained, the facility should be completed in may of next year, depending of course on the weather and the duration of the winter. Boris ziemer from the planning office, himself a passionate skateboarder, explained the planning details. In the area near the swimming pool, a parking lot will be created where both the users of the facility and the swimming pool visitors can park their vehicles during the summer months. In winter, an artificial ice rink with synthetic ice slabs will be built here. In the front area of the facility, a pump track will be created as a circuit for young people and adults, which will be covered with asphalt, for mountain bikers, skateboarders or skaters to use. A skill area with individual elements, such as a seesaw and beams, will be added to test and train skills. A smaller pump track for beginners and children will be located in the middle area bordering the recreation area. There will be seating and a pergola.

In the further area there are skater elements like ramps and a halfpipe. The rear area of the facility will be a dirt pump track, with mounds, waves and jump ramps. This ground area can be designed individually. "Must even", said siegfried neumann. "If the ruts are too deep, they will have to be levelled out." Basically, a permanent movement in the area is conceivable.

A multifunctional court with a basketball court, but also concrete elements for skaters and additional seating round off the facility. There will be no toilets: the mayor spoke of a container solution during major events, and in summer the swimming pool could be used.

A pump bike built especially for the project

Siegfried neumann, known as a resourceful tumbler and tinkerer, had converted an old mountain bike into a pump bike especially for this event to give the participants of the construction start date a first impression of what it will be like to ride in a pump track. Alexander zeller was the first to get this spab with the help of neumann. Seiffert did not have to ask for long. The special thing about a pumpbike is that it works without a drive via a bicycle chain and is controlled solely by body weight. In a corresponding system with waves and hugeln cones, this works perfectly for conners.

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