Niederndorf: grants for alarm windows

Niederndorf: grants for alarm windows

Noise harms, makes people ill, annoys citizens and keeps politicians busy. And when it comes to road alarms, governments and city councils are called upon to take remedial action. By appropriate larmschutzmabnahmen. A child of such considerations are so-called alarm action plans, which can be drawn up by the municipalities to provide relief on major roads. These plans apply to residents along federal and state roads. The urban area of herzogenaurach is affected in three places.

The planning committee of the city council dealt with this topic on monday evening. To put it in a nutshell: road safety action plans are not necessary in herzogenaurach. This is the opinion of the city administration and the majority of the committee agreed. Exception: dieter handel, SPD city councilor from niederndorf, and the green maximilian maydt. The city's reasoning for the proposed resolution: the measures already taken to protect against larvae are sufficient.

Freeway and state roads
Herzogenaurach's urban area is touched three times by such main roads, i.E. By the A3 freeway near haundorf and by the state roads 2244 (through niederndorf) and 2263 (northern bypass from the welkenbach junction in the direction of falkendorf). The further course of this bypass, i.E. The hans-orts-ring, was not tested, because there is no state road.

Three times it was stated in the administration's elaboration that protection against larvae had already been commissioned. In high haundorf, this will be done by landfills and special armoring that will accompany the six-lane expansion of the A3. In addition, the government of central franconia would be responsible for planning there. No residents on the hans-ort-ring are directly affected. The remaining issue is the road through niederndorf. And there, the new bypass will provide significant relief.

On 19. July 2012, the city council decided to build the bypass (plan case 2), as explained in the explanatory memorandum to the proposed resolution. The aim of this mabnahme is clearly to reduce the pollution along the main road in niederndorf. Mayor german hacker (SPD) printed it: "niederndorf will be drawn. Even without an "alarm action plan. Such a planning would not be "a relevant issue for the city.

However, dieter handel (SPD) wanted to know what the situation would be in the meantime until the bypass was completed. The niederndorfer wanted to have experienced that there probably still ten years into the country will pull. Since corrected hacker, who spoke of a target of five years. Then the new road should be used and a relief for niederndorf can be achieved.

In addition, there are already opportunities for residents of the local thoroughfare to obtain subsidies. The installation of larmschutzfenster is namely required by the state. Currently, 76 buildings are under consideration, as explained by the city's environmental officer, monika preinl. But even this did not satisfy handel. These subsidies are only available if the windows face directly onto the road, but not to the side into the courtyard. That is of little use.

Mayor german hacker also referred to the additional possibilities of receiving a city subsidy. Anyone who installs energy-saving glazing can be considered for the CO2 reduction program. There would be subsidies also for the side windows. And such modern glazing, according to hacker, also already provides simultaneous protection against larvae.

Maximilian maydt asked how the burghers find out they are getting grants. This was probably determined in such a way, but the households were not written to concretely. Anja wettstein from the planning office referred to reviews in 1993 and 2011, where this was established. The citizens were able to inform themselves. Both dieter handel (SPD) and doris wustner (CSU) confirmed: those affected were already well aware of the situation.

Monika preinl explained in the course of the meeting that such alarm action plans did not have a binding character. It was at the discretion of the community to decide. There were also no binding figures as to the level of pollution at which such plans should be considered. So rather a lot of noise for nothing? According to anja wettstein from the planning office, the fact is that the city has already been active in advance with regard to niederndorf. The solution taken, the sudan bypass, may now also have become part of an alarm action plan.

Town thoroughfare to be repaired
A concrete message to the citizens of niederndorf was still available from mayor german hacker. The main road in niederndorf will be repaired this summer. He has now learned this from the state building authority, which must, however, announce the details itself. He says that the construction work will probably take ten weeks and extend over three construction phases.

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