Nighttime joyride with wheel loader

On friday night a witness informed the police of the theft of a wheel loader in erhardstrabe by an unknown party. Due to the detailed information, the wheel loader could be found in sieboldstrabe, where the driver had obviously overlooked a traffic island and uprooted the tree inside it. The two persons fled first still to fub, could be met then however by the police in the schurzstrabe and be arrested. As it turned out, a 20-year-old man was in the mood for a joyride with a wheel loader parked at a construction site after a pub crawl. His 19-year-old female companion tried to stop him, but then got into the vehicle with him.

Driver’s license was already gone

By means of a construction machine key, he was able to start the machine and drove to sieboldstrabe, where the journey ended on the traffic island. Since a breath alcohol test showed a value of more than two per mille, a blood sample was taken by a doctor. A driver’s license could not be confiscated because the driver’s license had already been revoked due to a previous alcohol-related offense, the police report continues.

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