Notices about trench extension amounts and a heibe slide criticized

After the presentation by mayor andreas sandwall, the burghers had their say. Among other things, this was about the road extension statute, of which no one knows at the moment how it will proceed. Walter kloffel, resident of st.-andreasstrabe in grobenbrach criticized the fact that some notices had been sent out for this area. "The decision is deeply unjust", found kloffel. "The recommendation from the ministry of the interior to suspend this has only been in place since february.", the mayor stated. Nevertheless, he expressed his sympathy with the residents. "At the moment, we do not have a changed legal basis in this area", explained company manager thomas beck. "The municipality was only asked to suspend the notices until the law is in force", said beck. However, only in february, so that the sending of the notices in december was not affected by this recommendation.
A citizen criticized that the slide on the playground in grobenbrach was so slippery in the summer that the children could not use it. In general, everything here is in the blazing sun. "I know that some of the equipment on the playgrounds is no longer up to date. We are currently in the process of developing a concept and revising these", said sandwall. He asked for patience here, as the playgrounds in the other parts of the community were also involved.
Harald neugebauer noted that the fubweg to aschach was in a miserable condition. The mayor promised to take care of this.

Lego traffic circle

Questions about the "lego traffic circle" were also clarified and how to proceed. "At least we have managed to introduce a speed limit", sandwall said. Jorg rumberg said that he thought a traffic circle would be a better solution. Heribert hein noted that the intersection in question, where the "lego traffic circle" was to be built, was not in use was pitch black at night. Here the lighting had to be improved.
Stefan etzkorn asked whether the speed indicator in the town had made a difference. Sandwall answered in the affirmative, even considering the purchase of additional displays for the municipality, which could then be operated in parallel.
Brunhilde hillenbrand remarked that the ditch in the pfaffenacker could hardly hold the floods, especially during heavy rain. "We want to have these points examined on a community-wide basis, and every village should be involved, sandwall said. This is in planning.
Thomas kirchner criticized the approach to the implementation of the "new L+S building" project. The citizens had not been involved enough. Sandwall said that there had been public meetings in the market town council where many grobenbracher had been present. Councillor helmut wischang explained that there had indeed been a public meeting in bad bocklet on the subject, in which the citizens could have their say. However, this meeting was only sparsely attended.
Gottfried buttner noted that in the bergstrabe, people drive too fast, which leads to many deer being run over. It was also suggested at the meeting that the grotto should also be included in the maintenance of the cemetery in grobenbrach.

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