Parents see themselves confirmed

On wednesday, the association of grammar schools in the city and district of bamberg will discuss the results of the site survey for the dientzenhofer grammar school (DG) for the first time.
The content of the investigation, which had been made public in advance, is also buried by the school parents. On the basis of school calculations and forecasts, the study showed that none of the towns of hirschaid, hallstadt, memmelsdorf and scheblitz examined as alternative locations had the necessary school potential required by the state for the establishment of a new state grammar school.
The parents’ council also welcomes the appointment of the two chairmen of the special-purpose association, mayor andreas stark (SPD) and district administrator johann kalb (CSU), in good time before the annual general meeting on 7 may. May enrollment of new students begins. The two top politicians had last week made a clear commitment to the existing location of the high school on feldkirchenstrabe.
The parents’ council feels that the results of the report "fully confirm" its arguments for keeping the dientzenhofer high school at its current location and now hopes that the preservation of the site will also be formally approved by the board of directors of the special-purpose association.
The decision would give parents and their children the assurance that they were choosing a good school, the DG, "with its good accessibility and its specific, unique school profile, which would remain with them for a long time.

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