Passion cribs attract visitors to the martern chapel

Passion cribs attract visitors to the martern chapel

Wilfried kuntke is sure that the exhibition of passion cribs in the matern chapel in the heart of the old town can get you in the right mood for the easter feast. The director of the crib show, who is also the second chairman of the bamberger krippenfreunde association, speaks of the great attention to detail that characterizes the passion cribs on display. And from the dramaturgy in the passion story of jesus, which these cribs reflect.

Last supper, olberg, geibelung, crucifixion and crucifixion, lamentation of christ: even people who are not particularly bible-literate can understand the suffering of jesus from the individual scenes. And at the same time hope for easter. Because also the empty grave got his crib representation as well as the risen one and the meeting of jesus with the emmausjungern.

Around 40 nativity scenes in the matern chapel depict the events surrounding holy week and easter. In addition to valuable old figures such as those of bamberg's only "herrgottschnitzer" (god carver) franz bauer also to see those of more recent date.

Passion cribs at home are unusual

Construction manager wilfried kuntke certifies that the exhibits are of "high quality. He admits that only the most demanding crib enthusiasts put passion cribs in their private homes. Or "who identifies with the religion", says kuntke. The nativity scene, on the other hand, is "simply part of christmas".

For a long time, he adds, the passion crib was confined to the church hall. Only in the middle of the 18. The new century has found its way into the houses.

Passion or lenten cribs express the religious message in a special way. They are intended to encourage reflection and pause for thought. The 1,200 or so visitors who attend the passion crib show each year in the matern chapel pass from display case to display case in complete silence.

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