Praying bikers on the market square in lichtenfels

Praying bikers on the market square in lichtenfels

On whitsunday, the heavy, highly polished machines rolled onto the market square in lichtenfels, where almost 200 believers celebrated an impressive open-air service. The christian motorcycle friends frankens (CMF) had invited to it. The praise band of the free christian church of lichtenfels provided the appropriate setting. The message of their songs was: life is already, because god loves us.

Bright sunshine was reflected in the chrome of the harleys, bmws, ducatis and a six-cylinder triumph rocket III roadster that had carried its biker from forchheim to the marketplace. Road captain rudi oppel from lahm made it clear that the service served to bring like-minded people into contact with the gospel. "We love motorcycling as well as jesus", he stated. "It is our concern that every biker knows the word of god, therefore we distribute free biker bibles", he made clear. As a branch of the free christian community of lichtenfels, they work interdenominationally, everyone is welcome.

The bumpy roads of life

Preacher christian bohnlein from breitengubbach called out the words of jesus to the people on the bend: "come to me, you who are sad and carry heavy burdens. I will give you rest". He used the example of a motorcycle tour to illustrate his life’s journey: "there were a lot of fantastic roads, and ones that my ‘moped’ loves. Unfortunately, not all roads were like this, but rather unclear and bumpy. "I am convinced that everyone who is here can tell his own story, has been on the road of life’s bad roads", said bohnlein. God make us an offer, when worries keep you up, he is there to help.

Let the day come when we have filled our tanks for the last time. At some point it will be the last tour and we had to give the "moped" the preacher made it clear. And then the time will come when only one thing will be important: have I made my peace with god?? If my sin is forgiven, I can go before god with confidence? To go from being a sunder to being a child of god is simple. Not by frequent church attendance, generous donations or good deeds, but god’s forgiveness will be granted to everyone who really likes it. Bohnlein quoted the letter to the romans from the bible (chapter 10, verse 9): "for if you confess with your mouth that jesus is lord, and if you believe with all your heart that god has raised jesus from the dead, then you will be saved.".

During the dialogue with god, the fears and the note of the praying person in the family or at the workplace were made clear. Only those who take the words of prayer seriously, and not just repeat them, will find peace, they concluded. The words of the preacher left a rough impression. The many young people attending the service were spellbound by his lips.

Third mayor winfried weinbeer was pleased that the marketplace was filled again. Tolerance and togetherness as practiced by the bikers become the slogan of the city "for a common lichtenfels" fair. Rudi oppel thanked the city for providing the site. "Next year we will put more benches", he promised in the face of the numerous worshippers.

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