Prichsenstadt at the debt limit

Prichsenstadt at the debt limit

"Nothing more can go in!" Mayor adolf falkenstein spoke in the council meeting on thursday evening about the financial plan of the city of prichsenstadt from 2013 to 2016. A few figures show how tight things will be in the coming years: the interest burden is expected to rise to around 200,000 euros per year in 2014 and 2015, and the per capita debt will increase from the current 80 euros to a calculated 1590 euros in 2015.
In addition, there are still things "that can't be stopped", the mayor announced. The mayor referred to possible building areas, the development of which would be a "lay on" since the construction contributions are calculated according to the statutes and not according to actual costs.
The fact that the end of the line has been reached is also shown by the statement of the district administration. "The situation is critical and the city is at the debt limit", the mayor quoted the official statement. This was also confirmed by chamberlain thomas mayer: "we have no more room for maneuver for further loans, which could amount to about 5.3 million euros in the coming years."
"We should therefore set priorities, tackle what needs to be done and cancel everything else", proposed hans-dieter kern (SPD). This was also the opinion of mayor falkenstein. Sewer renovations, for example, could not be underestimated. Harald eger (CSU) praised the plan over the years: "we have to set the course for the coming years!"
In terms of sewer rehabilitation, the financial plan identified the castle, church and freihofgasse and the church square as the main thing for the year 2014. The canal renewal along the B 22 in neuses am sand (570,000 euros) was also planned for 2014 and the one in stadelschwarzach (700,000 euros) for 2015. All other sewer renovations, including nine in prichsenstadt streets and roads and others in stadelschwarzach and neuses am sand, are listed under the heading "later", that is, after 2016. "We will tackle these channels in the next ten years", announced the mayor. "We would have had more leeway for sewer renovations if the report for prichsenstadt had finally been available, said wolfgang brosche (SPD). The mayor commented that he had already called for the report twice.
There were many discussions, ranging from renovation to sale, about the owl tower, the repair of which is budgeted at 200,000 euros for 2013. "We should "enchant or give away" this one, suggested reinhard muller (local spokesman neudorf). Dem held 2. Mayor alfons saugel countered that there was already a decision on the redevelopment. The majority of eleven votes to two supported the mayor's proposal to leave the amount for the time being and to try to sell the tower within a year.
There was also discussion about the new fire station for laub, where the majority of the council did not consider it fair to postpone the final inspection from 2013 to 2015, which is why the amount of 330,000 euros was left unchanged. Also included is the renovation of the school gymnasium (1,600,000 euros), for which, however, no amount is shown in any of the categories.

A "constant back and forth
Ursula reiche (CSU) wanted to reduce the number of classrooms in the new elementary school "because the number of schools is declining". This upset helmut happel (STOL): "why did we actually have the march meeting to discuss the classrooms decided?" Harald ruckert (CSU) criticized "the constant back and forth" and requested the request to the school association of wiesentheid for the inclusion of the schools and the cancellation of the funds for the new construction of the elementary school. The motion was defeated with two votes in favor. Reich's proposal to bring the classrooms up to standard size was also rejected with five votes in favor. Only one vote was cast in favor of brosches' motion to discuss the school in the next financial plan.
The barrier-free access to the medical center (60,000 euros) was approved unanimously, while brosches' proposal for an elevator (180,000 euros) was rejected with two votes in favor.
On the cemetery expansion in laub (250,000 euros), martin ebert argued that the trend was toward urn burial. "This amount is therefore too high", he argued. Brosche's motion to delete this item was rejected by seven votes to six.
100,000 euros for the renovation of the pharmacy were michael glos jun. Too much: "we should cancel these funds." Hans-dieter kern advised "to keep our feet on the ground, because we can't sell houses like this. This was also the opinion of mayor adolf falkenstein, who was concerned with ensuring the continued existence of the pharmacy in this house. His request for the investment got the majority of nine votes against four.
Harald eger's proposal to leave the amount of 300,000 euros for the renovation of the TSV hall in the financial plan received one more vote, and with eight votes to five the committee voted in favor of helmut happel's proposal to use the sum of 300,000 euros for the renovation of agricultural bridges in 2014.

The burgers have to go for it
"And how do we get a grip on this financial situation??", wolfgang brosche wanted to know. The mayor replied that once again, attention had to be paid to cost recovery and the "sewage story" could only be financed by the burghers.
"We should also talk about the house and property tax levy rates", said harald eger. However, a comparison with other municipalities showed that prichsenstadt is not much below the county average in this matter. "Now the cat is out of the bag and the burger's eyes are opened", brosche commented on eger's proposal, saying that he did not want to take it lying down: "when else should we talk about finances than during financial planning??" His motion to discuss the levy rates on the spot was rejected with six votes in favor and seven against.

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