“Rosenheim-cops” want to remain corona-free in terms of content

The successful zdf series "rosenheim-cops" is to remain corona-free. "In terms of content, the corona theme will not be taken up in the series," a spokeswoman for the production company bavaria fiction told the german press agency in munich.

During the filming of the 20. The virus does, however, play a rough role in the first relay, which has just begun in and around munich and rosenheim: "on the set, as well as in everyday life, the following currently applies: masks are compulsory, hygiene measures and safety distance," said the spokeswoman. To ensure that the set remains corona-free, all participants are to have their temperature taken every day. In addition, "more extensive subjects" are being sought for the filming.

Because the film is not only shot on location, parts of the set have been rebuilt, according to bavaria. "In the studio, we coarsened the interrogation room," said the spokeswoman. "In order to comply with the minimum distances, we removed the wall to the adjacent observation room and were thus able to increase the flatness of the interrogation room accordingly." The observation room in turn was rebuilt. "In this way, we have achieved a considerable gain in space, which also allows us to comply with the hygiene regulations and the required distances during interrogation scenes."

The filming of the new season will continue until november. The actual start of filming – planned before the coronavirus pandemic – was 21. April. The 20. Is the first season after the death of joseph hannesschlager, who stood for years as commissioner korbinian hofer in front of the camera and died in january at the age of 57 from cancer.

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