Rough crowd of altar boys

Rough crowd of altar boys

The pastoral area of hausen-heroldsbach celebrated its parish festival in oesdorf. During the celebration, 24 new altar boys were also welcomed.

For three years now, the parish festival has been held in a different location, this time in the small town on the B 470. On the village square, right behind the church, the catholic youth of oesdorf organized the service. "Let the children come to me" – this word of jesus was the center of attention and connected with it, the joy that children always radiate. "We want to be happy people. Joy is contagious. Curmudgeonly people nobody likes", said pastor klaus weigand in his sermon. And so, in a little role-playing game, the children of the catholic youth chose not the strongest, not the nicest, not the smartest and not the fastest as their king, but chose the happiest child.

At the reception of the new altar boys, parish priest christian deuber emphasized that the boys and girls at the front of the altar were allowed to laugh a bit. "We are finally announcing a happy message", deuber continued.

The senior altar boys from the villages of hausen, heroldsbach, oesdorf, poppendorf and wimmelbach presented the new ones with their crosses. Thus, they belong to the rough community of altar boys, which until now has comprised 112 children and young people between eight and 19 years of age in the parish area. From now on there are 24 more – probably the largest group of altar boys in the surrounding area.

On the village square of oesdorf, after the service, people celebrated until late in the evening. The organizers, petra therjan and elena betz from the parish council of heroldsbach, had activated many helpers from the small village.

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