Rupboden: luckily only one exercise

Rupboden: luckily only one exercise

When the sirens went off in rupboden last friday, the firefighters didn’t know it was just a drill. And it was a tough one: traffic accident with trapped person, a car had fallen down the slope of the construction site and was lying on its roof. In the car: a human being trapped as well as a female driver in another involved car. And the complained of severe back pain.

The stolz company helped with the preparations, using excavators, caterpillars and rollers to get the cars "in shape" for which the defense department thanks you very much. The three accident victims came from the red cross from hammelburg and from rupboden. The make-up made the victims look very realistic.

When the victims were in position, the alarm was sounded. Six minutes later, the first fire brigade from rupboden arrived, followed by eckarts, zeitlofs and bad bruckenau. The volunteers used a ladder to reach the scene of the accident. A driver was freed with scissors and spreader. The woman with the back pain was rescued over the roof and placed on a vacuum mattress.

Conclusion: since it was an uninformed drill, the response and arrival times were very realistic. The cooperation worked very well. Despite a shortage of staff, all tasks were solved without any problems.

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