Siebenburgers celebrate like in the old homeland

Siebenburgers celebrate like in the old homeland

Already the 19. Crown festival was celebrated in herzogenaurach’s weihersbach on johannist day. The festival is organized by the siebenburg saxony association. As its chairman gerhard berner explained in his funeral, the need goes to the last rough feast of johanni (24. June) or peter and paul (29. June) back celebrated before the exhausting harvest season.
The festival began with a church service on the festival square at 12 noon. From 2 p.M. On, the parade of the costume couples was announced. Participants were the siebenburg children’s dance groups of herzogenaurach and nurnberg and the siebenburg youth dance group of herzogenaurach. Guests included the french folk dance circle steigerwald under the direction of konrad heimann, members of the tanz- und spaldeel leba erlangen with their pomeranian costumes and members of the silesian spinnstube herzogenaurach around christiane webert. The right sound was provided by the siebenburg brass band nurnberg.

It’s raining sublimes

After the burial, old servant martin klein climbed the crown tree in order to address his speech to those present in the crown. Klein was secured with a rope during the ascent for the first time this year. For the children present, the sweets he loved to rain down for them were probably the most important event of the day. Klein had already climbed the tree a few times, but in between also suspended and now came back into action. He maintains his connection with herzogenaurach through the schaeffler company, where he has worked as an engineer since completing his studies. After the relegation he could dance an honorary waltz with his old maid stefanie mild, as well as young maid daniel barthel and young maid elina forgarascher.
The tree had already been put up on saturday, just like the children’s crown. Oak bushes are fastened over a metal frame and bunches of flowers are tied to it. For the tying of the two crowns the "nachbarschaft herzogenaurach" was responsible responsible. This kind of community support already existed in siebenburgen and ensured good coexistence even in emergency situations.
This year a new tree was erected, which is a bit shorter than the previous one. The reason for this was that the previous specimen had become defective. The new tree was sponsored by walter nussel from burgstall. The festival was rounded off with dance performances. Afterwards, those present were able to try out their dancing skills.

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