The burgers join in atzhausen

the burgers join in atzhausen

Mayor gerlinde stier maintains good contact with the burghers of her community. She not only knows her way around the main town of kleinlangheim, but also knows where the residents’ shoes fit in the suburbs. No questions were left unanswered at the castle meeting in atzhausen.

Of the total of 1447 citizens, 175 live in the suburb of atzhausen. Five deaths, but also two weddings, are recorded here.

The current figures

Stier explained the figures of the 4.8 million budget of the municipality of kleinlangheim to the attendees. Although the debt level could be almost halved and the per capita debt is still 71 euros, it will increase by 500 euros in 2018 due to borrowing of one million euros. 700,000 euros must be invested especially in the kindergarten, which is currently overcrowded with 69 children. Work has already begun on the annex, where a group of small children will find a new home.

147 children from kleinlangheim and its suburbs as well as groblangheim and wiesenbronn currently attend the local school. The lunchtime supervision, where lunch is also offered, was well received and 85 children took advantage of it last year. Vacation care is also becoming increasingly popular, so that the municipality has recruited twelve part-time workers for this purpose. The levy will be expensive for the 30 children who attend the secondary school in wiesentheid. It will rise to 2700 euros due to the renovation work that needs to be done.

Decision pending

Decisions must be made on wastewater disposal in the market. While the districts of haidt, stephansberg and atzhausen are already connected to the wastewater disposal association for the schwarzach basin, kleinlangheim still operates its own clarification plant, but its permit is due to expire. "It’s the right time to make decisions," says the mayor, since the contract with the special-purpose association will also have to be reconsidered in 2018.

Broadband expansion in the community has begun. Digging is going on everywhere and the fiber optic cables for the network with 30-50 mbit per second have also been sunk in atzhausen. Even more earthwork will be required of the people of atzhaus when the village renewal project is properly underway. Projects include the design of the area around the fire station, the adjacent former school building, the area around st. Kilian’s chapel and the creation of green spaces. The working groups are still discussing how the available funds can be used most effectively.

Burgers join in

Around 60,000 euros will be needed to make the area around the fire station more attractive. The active fire department association plays a major role in organizing village events in atzhausen, and stier attested to the high value placed on all the helpers. In general, the mayor thanked all the local residents, such as maria during and renate kuhn, who take care of the green spaces in the village, or the landscaper theo klein and the hunting association, who keep the paths around the village in good condition. All these burgers like karl schellhorn do this voluntarily and even the schutzenjager fan club restored a bruckengelander in his spare time.

Building site suggested

So that the small village does not die out, leonhard kuhn suggested that some building sites be made available in the near future. Gerlinde stier promised to pursue the implementation of this wish with pleasure.

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